Eight Ball in the Corner Pocket

I am absolutely NO good at pool. Sure I can eventually make the ball go in the pocket but my opponent has usually cleared the table of their balls before I sink my first one. That’s right, I’m no pool shark!  What I can do is be a distraction at the pool hall! Chloris Hathor of VG has put our some high waisted suspender shorts that were yes, calling to me. One cannot leave clothing that is begging to be bought at the store. Cardinal sin!!

I chose the light grey to break out of the dark denim box I happily reside in. The shorts come with a bunch of layer options to make the look work for you. Nice silvery color and impeccably drawn but it needed some punch. Shelby Wrangler and Visa Volare of Twosome put this appropriately named 80’s tube top up as a freebie a week or so ago (or maybe it was reduced price, either way I snagged it). In store you can buy this as well as socks in several color combinations. Terribly fun, no? The large ribbons of color are exactly what I wanted to spice up the shorts and the fact that the top band is grey played into my evil plot all the better!. The hat/hair combo from Sixty-nine is a menu driven thing of love. You can change the hat color and both the twisted cords independently. Score! Maybe I am a pool shark after all.

And do check out the fabulous location where I took the snappies. They have every game under the sun at this triple decker tavern. The textures are incredible as you can see. Only trouble I had was that it took 9 years to rez in fully! Worth once it all came in though!

Outfit details…click below…

Wearing ~

Earrings – Bird Cage in silver from Yummy
Top – 80’s tube top in brown from Twosome
Shorts –  High Waist Shorts in gray with small pocket from [VG]
Socks – Knee highs in yellow Corduroy
Shoes – Slingback Pump in tangerine from Juicy

Photos taken at The Golden Harp Tavern

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