This is Dedicated to the One I Love

Sometimes dark and sinister is just what the doctor ordered. I love the rips and tears and dirtiness that my virtual playground affords me. Many moons ago this sort of clothing was my everyday and I loved it, still love it. Throw back to my youth and the dark clubs I frequented. Thomas, my hubby, and I decided to play around at Toxian City, not for the role play but for the fact that the place, though dark, is a great build with tons of textures and nooks and crannies. Above all that it gave us time together and a chance to take some pictures.

I am wearing things that I have not worn in forever and it’s fun to pull these things on and see that regardless of how fashion changes these are still really well created pieces. The jeans I am wearing have an interesting idea, they tilt low on the right hip, I unfortunately covered it up with the belt. Why is that neat? For the belly bearing of course but I covered that up as well with my layered tank tops. You have to really look close to see what the tank says. I don’t mean it of course, well not today at least. Slipped into a shirt that has always just floored me. Sheer has the most incredible stockings ever! There is also a small line of clothing and this torn top is expertly created. I threw on some of my favorite accessories, buckled cuffs and collar and checkered slip on shoes, pornstar baby!

Thomas my love is a walking advertisement for Dystopia and he does it so well! Have you been to Dystopia? Without a doubt some of the most interesting tattoos and wound layers I have seen. Bloodied item also abound as do ripped and torn clothing. Things any post apoc lovin’ person would love to wear! The store is a bit pricey considering that shirt you like is ripped and almost non existent but you pay for phenomenal texture work.

 Outfit details…click below…

Wearing ~

On Cerrie

Earrings – Marble red pierced from Chicoco Accessory
Necklace – Sin leather collar from kru’s boutique
Shirt – Very Torn Nylon in black from Sheer
Shirt – Tanktop: fuck you from acetone
Cuffs – Leather Belt Cuff Set from Glitter n’ Glam (This store is no longer open)
Wounds – Bloody Knuckles from Eat Me at Glass Earth
Jeans – Tilt Dark Jeans from FORM Femme
Belt – Electrical Belt (w/ Plug) from Pushbutton Industries
Shoes – PornStar Slip-ons Checkers from Urban Bomb Unit

On Thomas

Glasses – Pilot’s Goggles from Dystopia
Shirt – Torn Shirt “Blood Bunny” from Dystopia
Backpack – Gift from The Zoo opening at Costa Rica
Arm band – Battery Armpack from Dystopia
Bracelet – Rounders from Ekstras, Inc
Cuff – Rogue Cuff from The GL
Jeans – Tattered Jeans from  Dystopia
Belt – Military from Dystopia
Shoes – Scrap Sneakers from Dystopia

Pictures taken at Toxian City

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