Uber Happy

I couldn’t be happier if I was twins! I am going to truly have a difficult time taking of this outfit, heck the whole look in general. EVERYTHINGis new, even the shape. Now I’m broke but I don’t care! This dress is perfection in red, black and white! It is incredibly made and aside from the top of the flexi skirt showing occasionally, (I attribute that the my being rail thin thus my modifying my shape with some extra meat) there is nothing I would change. It has a sweet little flower that sort of looks like they are tumbling down the dress and pooling in the bottom. The skirt sways beautifully and doesn’t show your leg with the glitch pants alot which is something that makes me terribly happy. There seems to be a bit of overkill around the waist with the high belt and the flexi bow in the back, but I am telling you dance around in it, you will see it’s just fun flirty.

 Now, moving down to my feet. Asri Falcone has knocked my socks off and the shoes I was wearing.  She had sent out a notice to her group so I went to have a look and the shoe I had fallen in love with was not there. I messaged her and begged information. I finally heard from her on Monday, she let me know they were an unreleased shoe and had not had a chance to work on them due to computer troubles. Drat those computer problems! I told her I was so eager to get them but I would go and purchase another pair, when to my amazement and utter glee she passed me the objects of my desire!

These hot little sculpted slippers are Daisy Elegance in Fire. Aren’t they so cute! Uber happy feet! They fit perfectly, I only moved one shoe slightly as my ankle was eating the strap because of my AO. The little bow, the intricate detail of the buckle, the perfectly angled strap. Heaven! And the released shoes comes in a million different colors and only 300 clams I believe. Yay for girly cuteness! Now, I’m going to skip off and pretend I’m Eliza Doolittle!

 Outfit details…click below…

Wearing ~

Earrings- Plastic Earrings in red from +plus
Dress – Oriental Flower Dress from JE*REPUBLIC
Bracelet – Red Bangles from +plus
Shoes – Daisy Elegance in fire Asri Falcone Originals  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Inizio/182/74/31


Photos taken at The Loft’s Hattan Skybox prefab secondlife://The%20Loft/160/217/27

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