Today at the Bus Stop, Part 1

I am going to do a series of looks and oddly I am starting it today as opposed to Monday, I’m weird. I may have mentioned before I live and work in Denver and by nature I am a people watcher. It’s like TV for me, which I rarely need to watch. For the most part people who work downtown are middle aged folks. They scurry along to their hybrids and SUV’s, I however do my part and utilize public transportation. This is were the people watching goes in to overdrive! It is also where I see some great outfits. So based on my time at the bus stop I am snatching looks that I love. I thought I would have a problem putting the look together, in fact it was really easy. High fives to the ladies I see who have fresh style and use alternative transportation!

Now the reason this lady first caught my eye was because she had to have been 6’3″. Then I saw she carried her height with graceful ease and her outfit was really casual and easy. I started with pants, navy gauchos is what she had on; I went to 5 stores and could not find what I was looking for. Navy is just not a popular color, makes me wonder why? I instead transformed this cute pair of shorts into pants. How I do love a modifiable prim! The leg prims are copyable and only minor stretching was required to create a pant leg. A light and thin cardigan over a tank top for the top half. The tank is a little bit dressier with it’s swath of sequins down the front that peeks at the opening of the cardigan. Speaking of which, is from Thimbles who graciously gave another version as a gift in their group, but that one was a shade too dark so I opted for this one called Mold, I prefer sea foam, but Mold it is! The sweater comes in two options, with or without a large bow and in all appropriate layers. I urge ya to grab one or two!

She had on fantastic shades and the sleekest, blackest hair I have ever seen, it was like a polished helmet. Some people are so lucky! The only thing that didn’t go was her overly large backpack so I opted for a small white satchel. So that is part 1 of a 5 part series, yay for street fashions! Monday’s outfit is really cute! I wanted to mug the girl for her bag! Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Outfit details…click below…

Wearing ~

Shades – Crystal VIP Edition v1.52 from Kalnins Sunglasses
Earrings – Gutted Hoops from {JUNK}
Necklace – Calla Lily Necklace from Le Zoo (Gift at opening)
Cardigan – Under the Boardwalk with You Mold from Thimbles
Tank top – T shirt gris from Elemiah Design & Lingerie
Handbag – Croissant Satchel (Blanc) from VG Republic (formerly Miam Miam Luxe)
Bracelet – Silver Beaded Bangles from SLink
Pants – Blue Dongipani Shorts from D!FF => (This store is no longer open)
Shoes – Phlat Ballet Flats Box (Dotty/Black Trim) from Sculpties Up In Here

Photos taken at NBC Universal

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