Cookie Cutters

I had such a busy weekend. It had fully intended to spend time in world over the weekend but I bought a car. So I was traveling all over the city in my new ride. But I was bummed out because I had so wanted to hit Curio, Gala & Rita’s new store. Come Sunday I did get to the store though late wanting to fore go the crowds. Still several names, very familiar names, were there when I popped in for a look. Beautiful store, nice layout, HUGE! I gathered up a few demos, had a nice chat with Casja (Hi Casja!) and zipped off for home and bed.

This morning I come in and hit my daily blog perusal to find everyone looks exactly the same. I am astounded. Yes, the Gala skins are really lovely, the realistic lips, nose and eyes are mouthwatering. The freckles, perfection. But goodness ladies, everyone has the same faces.  Could be a fad, but there is absolutely no distinction. It is one of those skins that is so prominent that it wipes out subtle shape differences and bowls it over. I am in no way saying I will not buy a skin there perhaps even a couple, however I am thinking better of it now, because when I put on the demos…I become one of the crowd. So question, is it so worth it to have the new thing that you give up your individuality?

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