Today at the Bus Stop, Part 2

Hot one in the city today! I spy this young lady wielding a cool bag, similar to this one but it has more metal on it and was a fair size bigger, but red patent leather. I wanted to mug her. Would have been hard since my get away car is a 50 foot long behemoth. So I let her get on the bus with my bag. Even with the heat of the day pressing in on us and the fact she was wearing cut off cord capri’s, she still looked fresh and well accessorized. So as I mentioned, cords, thin wale that were cut off several inches above the ankle. They didn’t look too heavy but soft and comfy. I modified mine shorter and gave them a looser look to mirror what she wore.

The tank is brown, which for some is just a huge no-no. Some just do not mix brown and black but her accessories and the “make it pop” color additions made the combo work. Her tank was a slightly gathered scoop neck, I went with a racer back style that has a interesting cube of color on the back. The whole set of tanks has numerous layers and the patch in the back matches the longer jacket layer that has the same pattern peeking at the bottom. She also had a really great bunch of bangles that tied in the colors she was wearing. Several different golds, a wide black and a red wooden bead bracelet that matched to the purse and earrings. I came fairly close, I wanted to make sure I had that bright red in mine and after much searching about located one in my own inventory. Who knew!?! 

Her cream canvas belt translated to my white razor blade jacket layer belt. This is one of the first belts I ever bought and found it so smart because the texture has gaps that make it look as though you have it wound through belt loops. Brilliant! To finish it off I choose a mule slip-on that has a dragonfly on it, she wore a yellow canvas Mary Jane with a wide white rubber toe. I thought mine were far cuter but that’s because I love dragonflies! So that is today’s look from the Bus Stop. I am having so much fun with this! Till tomorrow!

 Outfit details…click below…

Wearing ~

Earrings – Cherry earrings from Artilleri
Necklace – Logo Necklace (modified to remove Hexed charm) from Hexed
Top – Passion Fruit Retro Top from Twosome
Bracelet – brace:03 from DP yumyum
Handbag – Hobo Bag in red patent leather (Gift of Love) from Celestial Sudios
Pants – Barely Cords in black (modified shorter)from ETD
Belt – Belt (White) ~ Razor Blade from Celestial Studios
Shoes – Dragonfly shoes in yellow from Burt Laundry

Photos taken at Warner Brothers

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