Today at the Bus Stop, Part 3

This is a bit of a do-gooder. The quintessential girl next door sort of retro look. I barely caught a glimpse of this girl as she went running past for the Light Rail that was pulling up. I’m a sucker for a cute polka dot and that she was. Gonna start with the shirt. Adorable in dots this shirt is part of a set from the lost to us Last Call. Sorry about that but I’m sure other polka dots can be found. This top unlike the lady on the run has a wide red belt. The sleeves needed a bit of fine tuning but it is a nice light and breezy top that went perfectly with the wide legged jeans.

These are spot on, Alla Ruff made these cutest jeans ever. The leg prim is really wide and sculpted with wonderful shading that is mirrored on the pants texture and though the seems are off a bit they are otherwise perfect and adorable with everything I have worn them with. I of course caught sight of her handbag as she rushed past, a straw handbag. I was unable to find one like hers, but this straw basket is pretty close in texture though larger and darker. This is expertly made and I wish I could fill it up with cute things for a picnic then cop a squat in the park before catching the bus home. I chose a strapped red flat as the clunky white tennis shoes that my bus stop diva was wearing were frighteningly out of place. Running terribly late today so a short and sweet post. I will be on the lookout for tomorrows outfit at the bus stop tonight…wish me luck!

Outfit details…click below…

Wearing ~

Top – Paula Black with micro dot (part of outfit) from Last Call
Pants – Jeanius Pants Prim L Speckled Denim from Veschi 
Shoes – Peko red from LYCEE 
Earrings – Swerve fire opal earrings from Shiny Things 
Handbag – Summer basket_standard(hand) from Muism 

Pictures taken at The Big Apple

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