Today at the Bus Stop, Part 5

Woo hoo! Laptop’s working. This is the final in the series of my gawking at ladies on the street and at the bus stop with me. This is my favorite outfit, though my bus stop superstar’s was way cuter than this is but it’s pretty darn cute too. Mostly her fabrics were just way better than what I could come up with. Let’s start with the skirt. Plain, wide pleated skirt in a linen fabric, hers had quite a colored pattern along the bottom edge. I went with a graphic lemon design in the same length as hers. Mine also has the lovely lace underskirt that gives it a little interest and depth of texture.

She had a layered two tank tops to give a neat tie to the colors in her skirt, I went with a standard white as I didn’t want to detract from the skirt belt. The most striking item she had on was the little bolero. Hers a lovely knitted piece that had something shiny in it because I could see it shining, perhaps a woven in gold or silver thread. I went with a sheer yellow shirt with rolled sleeves. The top does have a knot at the front that I choose not to wear. She had a little leather purse not too flashy, I went with a teal purse that has buttons that echo the texture and color of my bracelet and ring. I love this layered look. I had forgotten completely that I had this sheer yellow top. If nothing else this has really forced me to examine my inventory and make things I had work for me. It was really great fun and I hope you all enjoyed it! Have a wonderful weekend!

Outfit details…click below…

Wearing ~

Earring – Jane Pink Pearl Earrings from Kess Kreations
Jewelry – pearl bracelet&ring set001 from [gisele]
Bolero –  Sheer Denim in Lemon Yellow from Radical Wook
Manicure – Nail princess pink from [gisele]
Handbag – Leather&Wood Tote in teal from +plus
Top – Tie Front Tank in white *DG* Innovations
Skirt – Lemon soda skirt from DPyumyum
Shoes – PeepToe Pump SKG Shoes

Photos taken at Central Park Fashion and Business Distict Unity Park

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