Ruffles and Girly

What do you think? Am I a girly girl? I just don’t really think I am. I can be all girl, dress the part, be the part but Cerrie is just not all into the foof and fluff. I’m a girl happy with simple stuffs. I have a friend who is telling me that I am adorable all the time. Not sexy and hot and all those things that would make me feel sinister inside but adorable, cute and sooo sweet. Nothing at all wrong with that. So today I am playing up that uber sweet, cute, adorable girl that he thinks I am.  I tried for quite awhile yesterday to put an outfit together, sometimes it just doesn’t happen when like a lightning bolt late last night I remembered picking up this insanely great top. I’m a sucker for a good red color and this buttons it up nicely. Pairing up sculpted ruffles with a plunging neckline is a home run. Add in the criss crossing back complete with prim ribbon and we have a grand slam! Though the texture does distort a bit on my tots the red is vibrant and the dots add that extra bit of love. The ruffles shading on the chest is also well done no matter the bit of stretch going on. Oh and hello belly baring goodness! Yep, love this top!

The top gave me a bit of a Daisy Duke feel so I went with a denim mini I had long ago acquired. Top notch work here with a great added coin detailing along the hem. Love the low on my hip hang of the skirt and the prim skirt attachment is flexi and I just don’t see many made like this anymore. Note to self, wear this skirt more! Knee socks are a must. I don’t typically mention my poses because I do random mixes from a HUD but this set is from Sugar Mill. Ani has created a really sweet set called You oughta be in pictures. She’s a goofy one but I do so love her poses. haven’t been in awhile? You should stop in, she just released a heap of new stuffs! I’m off to go torture someone! Don’t know who but the hunt is half the fun!

Outfit details…click below…

Wearing ~

Earrings – Earring ALBERO2 from Twinkleberry (Albero2 Mall hunt gift) 
Necklace – Mixtape Necklace in gold from Yummy
Top – Summer tunic in red from KUROTSUBAKI*
Bracelet – Gold Beaded Bangles from SLink
Skirt – Shimmer Denim Skirt from DMC 
Socks – Red tube socks (calf high) from Sh*t Happens (this shop is closed)
Shoes – dirty llstarz from monogrind

Photos taken at Cannery Rezzable

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