Aureate Gilded Gilt

It’s a ridiculous thought for me, when I have a limited time to come in, put together an outfit, photograph it and prepare the pictures for upload, to realize “I have nothing to wear”. It truly blows my mind as I wait for my inventory to load. Today I typed the word Gold into the search and up popped this dress; I have no clue as to when I got it. I tried on a series of legging and stockings thinking I could spice it up and nothing was doing the frock justice, so I kept simple with the dress and jewelry. The dress has a interesting sheen to it, sort of bumpy if you will. I know what it feels like to see it, somewhere someone I knew had something made out of what it looks like it feels like. Wow did that make any sense at all? It’s sort of one of those it tastes like something smells…Bengay and Wintergreen Lifesavers come to mind. Anyway back to the dress (Yes, I’m rather daft!) There is a neat option in the folder that gives you a gold, as I am wearing, or silver rope belt. The only trouble I had is that the dress is a chest attachment, which was not allowing me to wear the choker I has chosen. A copy and a bit of adjusting later I now have a spine attached skirt. (*Note to designers* If you have an item that has an odd attachment place, please include one that is attached to an alternate location if possible). The skirt is a mix of sheer and solid panels in a slightly lighter gold color that gives it a very interesting depth and shimmer.

 The shoes are a real find and I thank Beaning Canning for pointing us all to the wonders of Asian sims. These shoes are 90 lalas, it’s almost unbelievable. In the folder there is a normal gold version (worn) and a full bright version, ya know for burning up the dance floors! Oh my gosh, I just thought of the Solid Gold dancers. Man, I loved that show when I was a kid! The jewelry is from the now closed Second Mirage. What a bummer, one of the first “fashion” shows I went to was the release of their new jewelry line in which I got this great choker and cuff set. Who knows maybe they will come back.

The last item I want to talk about is this insanely great step pose prop. TorridWear is my new favorite pose shop.  The step comes with the full pack of 8 poses which can be purchased separately but spring for the whole set. The steps are menu driven to switch poses and are also modifiable so you can tint them to suit your set. The poses themselves are wonderfully done. Great hands, realistic movement, and oh so clever! I believe it’s 500 for the full set and worth every penny!

Outfit details….click below…

Wearing ~

Earrings – Brenda in gold/diamond from Second Mirage (Store is closed)
Jewelry – Mysterious choker and cuffs from Second Mirage (Store is closed)
Dress – Grecian Babydoll in Gold from VG Republic (formerly G.L.A.M.)
Shoes -kahakai in gold from R2
+LALA Moon+ EGOIST [ Black ]

Photos taken in Photosphere

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