Commandeered Pinky

There is something about wearing men’s clothes that I just love. One it means it’s probably not on the man and that is just the cake topper! Men in power roles wear suits, nice three piece jobs with a silk tie and maybe a vest or my personal faves, suspenders. Mmm, heaven. Woman in the same sort of roles, though they look nice is suits, I just don’t feel the suit makes the woman like it does the man. I heard a line in a movie once that said women dress like they think men would if they were a woman instead of dressing like a woman, or something to that effect. it’s true. Today I disassembled the outfit and ran off with the shirt and tie. This is my perfect pink. Not overly pink but a subtle rosy pink. Now this shirt was made for a man so I had to do a little reducing of size and moved the tie pieces out so that mah tots didn’t eat it. the cuffs and pocket were also a simple downsize and viola, killer combo of wrinkled fabric and relaxed yet chic looking men’s shirt! It will forever be commandeered to mine closet.

I wanted a nice crisp white skirt and I had my heart set on one that is unfortunately a Last Call outfit it seems I don’t have, didn’t think that possible! So I went with this mini that is part of a dress. This has to be the strangest skirt prim I have ever worked with it is three pieces and some of the textures are wood and it took several minutes to get them wedged in my body and looking right. Maybe I will message the creator and ask if she has done an update on it… Lastly I am in love with these new kicks! Slouchy layered legwarmer on big boots. How adorable is the little strawberry bauble? Bonus that each purchase comes with 2 pairs, one in the color you chose and the other in white with said purchased color accents. Now for my fan girl moment. I love Dove Swanson. She is great at making fun sassy poses! Was lucky enough to get the Spice set as a gift from Dove and they are great! She told me I own like 1/3 of her entire inventory. Cheers to Dove for posing me up so pretty like! Now go buy the Spice set!

Outfit details…click below…

Wearing ~

Earrings – Doughnuts Earring from Y& C
Top – Pink Pinstripe Shirt with white tie from Laqroki
Skirt – Part of Muffin Top Dress in white from Veschi
Stockings – Fishnet Tights in black from WRONG
Shoes – Strawberry Dream Legwarmer Boots in pink from katat0nik

Photos taken at Gotham City

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