Posers are HOT

Hello fashionable peeples, it’s Friday!! And on this lovely Friday I am going to talk about, as I have actually for the last three days, POSES! I have the highest admiration for posers. I have tried to make a pose…once. I looked utterly ridiculous is some sort of spandex seizure. I will stick with accomplished people who know what the hell they are doing and will use them to my own delight and pleasure! Now, he said I didn’t have to and that he was just giving me a hard time but my friend Caelen Mata has started making poses. He has a little shop called Mata Studios with two pose stands, one for men and one for the fairer sex. Caelen invited me over and when a pose stand is there I hop on, I’m a true pose ho! The very first pose I strike be this laying pose (above), a surprising natural position. “Cute!” I exclaim much to Caelen’s delight (do men delight?) I plow ahead posing away and they are really very good. He has paid special attention to not letting your arms sink into your body (that drives me buggy). I even tested out the male poses which Tyra Banks would love because I looked FIERCE! I bought a few and here I present them today for your viewing pleasure! Oh and see these worked will with a system skirt! Super bonus!

My outfit is a bit of a mix and mash. I knew I wanted to wear white and black, but I was having trouble finding a shirt that was not too heavy and overbearing. I finally landed on the bodice from an outfit from Last Call, look at that lace work; stunning. The high waisted skirt, also part of an outfit, has killer texture and shading. It can be worn without the high waist but I liked the belt, yay for multiple layers. I decided that I needed to go with something other than the obvious choice of red gloves and heels. Emerald green is splendid! I think splendid! (I love random movie moments) And my friend CCTV Giant of Shoe Fly came through for me. “CC do you have any emerald green patent leather shoes?” Yes he says and a moment later, green shoes. He is fabulous. I did have to resize a bit and tint simply because I wanted the green to mirror the gloves a bit better. Love that he leaves that an open option on his shoes! GO support my friends, buy some poses and shoes and make me proud! Happy Friday all see you on Monday.

Outfit details…click below…

Wearing ~

Hair flower – Deep Red Lily Hair Accent from Irelyn
Earrings and Necklace – Diamond Solitaire set from SLink
Top – Part of Hilary outfit from Last Call
Gloves – Satin gloves in emerald from Mimikri
Skirt – Part of The Last Mobstress from Kyoot Army
Shoes -Green Patent Classic Pump from Shoe Fly

Photos taken at Kyoot Army

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