Practically Mardi Gras

I am feeling decidedly not wordy today. I put this look together in the days right before Curio opened and the Gala skin was given as a gift. The outfit was somewhat forced and I look at it and I think it’s not bad, but something is just missing for me. Perhaps it was that I chose to use my Photosphere for the background, non the less it is not my favorite set so I will just get to the nitty gritty of the outfit and send ya on yer way! The individual pieces of the outfit I really do like. The skirt is so totally unique; I have seen nothing else like it. The bottom is sculpted and though looked a little wonky with my AO, it was a worth while purchase cause it is funky! I am however a little concerned about sitting in it. Hello goodies bag! :o  

The shirt and vest bring in some really punchy color and texture. The ruffled crossed top with it’s dual tones of gold and yellow are eye popping for sure. If I am not mistaken one of the panels is slightly see through maybe it’s the back that is sheer, anyway don’t hold me to that. Either way the ruffle work is well done. The vest is an interesting quilted texture and the cropped length doesn’t take away from the top but instead frames it nicely. The jewelry is a gift from Baiastice. The necklace is actually a stretched version of the earrings. It turned out OK but good grief it was a huge undertaking and I would not do it again. So word of advice, just buy a yellow necklace LOL. Finite, hopefully tomorrow I will be more on my game… I do so hate Monday’s!


Outfit details…click below…

Wearing ~

Earrings – Yellow from Baiastice (June Early Summer Pack gift)
Bracelet (r) – Fat bracelet from caLLie cLine
Bracelet (l) – Hairgom from ARAI
Vest – Harlow Cropped Vest in purple 2 from SWA
Top – Latina Heat in marigold from Mischief
Skirt – Retro skirt in yellow from bp*
Shoes – Slinky Stilettos in yellow from Maitreya

Photos taken in Photosphere

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