Bombs Away

As I’m sure you are all well aware, Saeya Nyanda of Kyoot Army has been releasing new items. I have to say that I was sad to hear she had leveled the incredibly beautiful Silent sim with it’s black and white beauty but knowing the incredible talent she has whatever lay on the horizon is sure to wow crowds. I have to say I was not immediately taken with her new items as I was in the past. But after taking a closer look and finding how I can add pieces to the base items, I have been won over.

I hemmed and hawed and finally decided that I would start with this cute belted dress. It’s actually very void of shading and details like we typically see from her, the prim skirt does have shading the gives it a pleated look but it seems that the only possible place patterned interest would come from is a shirt that can be worn under the dress. I do love the muted color though because this would allow many different colors and patters to be matched with the dress without conflicting. To it spice it up I went with the base of another shirt that oddly had the color of the dress in it. I couldn’t have planned that if I had tried! The shirt has a big pattern that lends nicely to the dress. Though the top only shows a bit in the front the real views come in the back where the dress does a daring plunge. To finish it all off I went with a sleek bob cut and smokey dramatic makeup. Back to the grind stone my rabble. Have a day!

Outfit details…click below…

Wearing ~

Earrings – Plastic Earrings in yellow from +plus
Dress – Electro Ballet in brown from Kyoot Army
Top – Part of New York shirt from Phaylen Fairchild Divas 
Shoes – Vintish Shoes in yellow from Aphrodite Creations

Picture taken at Abbotts Aerodome

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