Born to Ride

You know that girl you went to school with who never wore a dress or a skirt? The one who hung out with the boys but not because she was with any of them but because she was “just one of the guys”. Perhaps you even snickered at her because she completely lacked in the girly things that were your everyday? I for sure know who she was, she was one of my best friends. She could spout all sorts of odd knowledge about cars that really just had me staring at her, glossy eyed and completely confused. I can put gas in my car, change a tire if I must and of course windshield wiper fluid; beyond that I am utterly useless. However my dear friend always held a tinge of jealousy because she could talk to all the guys and they were excited to do so cause she knew her stuff. Today is my homage to her but I kicked it up a notch.

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This is an incredibly simple outfit that consists really of two components. Jacket and jeans. Let’s start with the jeans. I had seen them in a blog I happened upon a few weeks ago. it was featuring another item of clothing and unfortunately didn’t mention where they had come from. Then one fortuitous day I was out and about and I spied them on someone. A few sneak peeks later and I was on my way to pick up said wonderfully worn jeans. The thing that I love most about them, they are men’s jeans so they sit wonderfully low on the waist and this is so silly but the cuff is realistic. So many times I see rolled cuff pants that the texture is the same as the outside of the jeans. I don’t know where you get your jeans but the inside of my pant legs are ALWAYS lighter than the outside. As for the jacket, it was a gift from Muism. This is the mens version with some sizing to make it fit me. I recall at the time seeing people ripping it apart; unhappy with the prims and how it fit. Even at the time it came out I never saw what people were talking about and it was a snap to pare it down and I see no prims sticking out and it went perfect with the overall look I was going for. To girl it up a bit I went with a fiercely shiny silver bikini top and the new Belles from Shiny Things. Wonderfully solid shoes that give you a high heel that doesn’t leave me teetering around too much. I need the fat pack in real life! Now I’m off to grease a tranny or some such business…

Wearing ~

Earrings – High Heels Earrings from enkythings
Shades –  Aviator dark woman sunglasses from emery
Jacket – MRJ silver/red_male from Muism
Top – Silber Bikini TOP from REDGRAVE
Gloves – Bikergloves from drawmachine
Jeans – Used-Look Nr.2 in DeepBlue from REDGRAVE 
Shoes – Belles in red from Shiny Things

Photos taken at MotorWorld

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