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The feeds are really slow this last week. Summer is winding down and kiddies are heading back to school and I bet those that haven’t have been whisked away on last minute vacations. Perhaps that’s why things are slow. This has also been sort of an off week for me in blogging, sorta not feeling fabulous about anything. Not that I haven’t tried and now I’m in a bit of a goofy mood, pictures will show that! I got some pieces and put them together and it actually made up a cute if not a little bit frustrating outfit.

The frustration comes from the top. I rezzed almost a year and a half ago and I like to think I have some good editing skills but man alive the sculpted cap sleeves of this shirt gave me major heartburn. No amount of stretching, pulling, moving made these fit me. Every single move of my AO made some part of my arm stick out not to mention poses for pictures. So as cute as it is, it was more trouble than it was worth and I will more than likely never wear it again. On top of that, it only came in a jacket layer so it’s not as if I could put it under something else. Perhaps I can just wear it as a sleeveless number?

The shorts are from one of my favorite designers, risey Arai of :sey. He has an amazing knack with sculpted prims and has always been generous with his group. The shorts come in several colors and really, who doesn’t love a bum ruffle? I can officially say I’ve seen it all. Have you been to Floyd? Sister…erm…brother sim to Lloyd? I didn’t think it possible to top the Majesty that is Lloyd but they have done it! The have a moustache merry go round, I kid you not! Moustache riding. It’s sheer genius (I’m trying desperately to keep a straight face and failing miserably) You most certainly should head over and get into the nooks and crannies. make sure and hit the freebie shack, goodies can be had for all!

**Thanks Jazz, for the name of my post today!

Wearing ~

Jewelry – Gold Charm Signature Color Gift from Fresh Baked Goods 
Top – Deep Sea from OOPS 
Shorts – Short denim in brown from :sey
Socks – Kneehigh Socks Argyle BlueGreenGrey from Kitties Lair 
Shoes – Ruffle Boots in chocolate from Shiny Things

Photos taken at Floyd’s Moustache Merry go Round

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