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It’s Friday! And good thing cause I am exhausted and tired of playing dress up at work. So last night, after much talk and running around, new Fashion Ascension blogger Stacie Pryor and I had ourselves a little fun! I love collaborating with people and Stacie is a kindred spirit and laid back so my “Take this off”, “Buy those there”, “Ok hop back on” was not met with calling me a bossy cow! But as the night progressed and the pictures got snapped we both were feeling really good about how they were coming out.

This whole look came about because of amazing eyes that I got at Arsnova. They are completely black with an amazing reflection. It makes me think of the first X-Files movie, ya know when that weird oil stuff got into them? Well I just loved how it looked and then more pieces started falling in place. The skin was picked up at Nora BodySkins & Fashions when creator Sezmra Svarog has a complete loss of touch with reality. She was all but giving her beautiful skins away in a blow out sale (this was last year). This particular skin come with 4 other versions as well as one for each variation that has tintable nether options. The face is beautiful; I love the detail on the brow. I had a up-close and personal sort of in my body experience last night and it struck me how wonderfully shaded the skin is. Certainly worth the price of admission! The hair is of course the limited edition Medusa from Minnu Model Skins. I am not typically into hair without bangs but I have been wanting a reason to wear this and it fits the look perfectly. Great attention to detail with the highlights that radiate away from the face and well hands down hot hair! I don’t know what else to say about it. My dress is Last Call and plays well with my skin. The low skirt and tiny peasant top allow views of the wonderful belly work and give it a very sexy without giving it all away look.

Stacies outfit including wings is from Bare Rose. There is more cover to her look which really fit with how this ended up playing out with her very angelic bent. The wings are sculpted beauties and have an intricate color that shows up much better in Windlight that it does in my viewer so I am using Stacie’s pictures here. We again went to Arsnova fer her eyes, they don’t have a pure white but one that has the realistic veining around the outside. They iris is really sort of haunting, it is slightly blue and cold looking perhaps a bit cloudy and is really something when you see them straight on. Her skin was created by the talented Fricka Morgath of Frick Skins. She uses Eloh bases and adds tons of extras. She sells most skins for under 100 lalas. I think she includes a shape with each skin, a face light, several eyebrow options, and nethers. Quite a deal. The couples poses we used were mostly from LAP, we threw a few in from Imperial Elegance, Sugar Mill and Koumb for good measure. There are a few individual poses but I don’t remember what we used. Ok, ok. I have yammered on enough. As you can tell I am happy with how this turned out so I am all talky about it. Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to check in over the weekend for posts from Stacie. I will see you on Monday! 

Wearing ~

Hair – MEDUSA in jet from MMShair
Skin – Black Demonic Skin from Nora
Eyes – Gothic eyes 08 from Arsnova
Wings – Oblivion Wings 4.2.1(tinted to compliment dress) from Material Squirrel
Dress – Brooke Black Peasant Bra & Skirt from Last Call 
Shoes – Slinky Stilettos in black Leather from Maitreya

Hair – Medusa in white from MMShair
Skin – Goth Minimalist Makeup from Frick
Eyes – Gothic eyes 02 from Arsnova
Oufit – Messenger of Light Bare Rose
Shoes – Natasha Stilettos in frosty white from Tesla

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