Grunge and Music

Back after a relaxing weekend to bring you an outfit by proxy. I am always getting something in my mind and I know which way I want to go and one piece is missing and when I finally come upon it, sort of turns out that it’s not really meshing well and it is now morphing into a whole other beast! That is today’s look.

Funny what knee pads can do! Readers who have been with me may well know that this sort of look was my everyday a year ago around this time. Then I happened to change tastes and went with the more glamorized stylings I wear today. But something about these old ways will always hold a place in my fashion heart! I remember the first time I visited Sinistyle back when Etchd was in the building next door and a small spot for Refuge. I was so taken by all the dirtiness and the rips and the marked difference in texturing and details. It was tortured prims back then, Krius Misfit is now hands down one of the most incredible sculpty crafters out there! so back to the knee pads that changed the bent of my outfit. Amazing that they are, they come in 2 sizes as well as in a rusty version and are scripted with a touch show/hide trio of spikes on each facing.

The boots are a group gift from Monogrind. They have that handy resizing script. I was having some real difficulty trying to get my foot to not show through the back. I kept moving and adjusting and finally gave up thinking the pictures wouldn’t show it. It wasn’t till I was home and getting the outfit essentials together that I noticed I was wearing a platform heel base once I took it off, the boots fit perfectly. Yes, it’s a daffy day at the janus residence! To give the over all look some sexiness I went with a short denim skirt and gartered stockings that are clearly in view. Something about it I find sexy. I may need to poll men to find out if they think it is too. Enquiring minds want to know!

Wearing ~

Top – Flirtatious Top from Refuge
Nails – Glitter Manicure Crimson from Sin Skins
Skirt – Classic A001 Jean Skirt in twilight from Armidi Limited
Stockings & Garters – Stockings 3 from Refuge
Riot Knee Pads from SiniStyle
Shoes – Combat boots from monogrind

Photos taken at Sinistyle Sim

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