At The Social Club

Have you ever heard of the Buena Vista Social Club? It was introduced to me years ago in an obscenely late PBS special. An American, Ry Cooder, went to Havana Cuba to make an album. He gathered up incredible artists that had seen their hay days decades ago and many of them were something of legends but way past their prime. Needless to say the music that they created was nothing short of mesmerizing! I sat in awe as I watched the special and the next day ran out to the local music store in search of the CD.

Below is a link to my favorite song on the CD.
De Camino a La Vereda

What does any of this have to do with fashion? Let’s just say that the finished product has some Latin spice to it! Like yesterday this outfit was not originally headed in this direction. Stacie had to hold my hand through this whole outfit, well I was able to get the dress by myself. The dress I saw posted to Fashion Finds in Phil’s Place and Fun and Fashionable Items, a community started by Sasy Scarborough. The owner of Riddle, Chrystina Noel, is part of this community as well and I when I saw her post this adorable dress I knew I had to have it. It comes in three styles: babydoll, regular length dress and a short version that is worn as a shirt and it also comes in 4 other colors. The white was just screaming for some sassy layers of color and the first thing I thought of was all the great patent leather belts at M * A *ii* K * I. They come in a rainbow of fruit flavor so I had only but choose one…. Truthfully I wanted all of them but I had my budget in mind. Stacie to my rescue and I landed on orange. It worked perfectly with the dress as the skirt attach point was the pec and gave me ample open places for the belt, which comes with two in the folder, I’m assuming for ease wearing.

Since Stacie and I were already discussing the outfit she gave me a great suggestion that I loved but upon trying to find the best jewelry to pull off the look I was at my wits end. Again Stacie came to my rescue and after several shops later we found accessories to finish off the look. Swallowtail had necklaces that were a great length and colors and with matching bracelet I was set. Last minute I added a startling red flower hair clip that really gave it a Latin flair. The perfect place for pictures being Emvee Cuba. What an amazing sim. First time I had been there and I was running around like a kid in a candy store. I want to move in and live there! Amazing textures and I love the photo opportunity spots with preset poses, brilliant idea and all picturesque sims should do the same thing!

Wearing ~

Hair Flower – Sculpted  hair clip in red from Swallowtail
Jewelry – Full Prim Bracelet & Necklace in green from Swallowtail
Dress – Lazy Summer Lace Whimsical White from Riddle
Belt – High Waisted Belt Patent Orange from M * A * ii * K * I
Shoes – Sasy Chic Feuille from Aphrodite Creations

Photos taken at Emvee Cuba

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