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I don’t know what is up with our fair metaverse today, but nothing had a nice smooth line as it typically does. For instance my legs looked liked I needed to take a sickle to them, you can still see it in the pictures and I have changed nothing setting wise on my computer, it just gets this way from time to time. Not to my advantage today as my dress gives me mass expanses of leg. I begrudgingly deal with it, close ups seem to be OK, so I have a fair number of those.

I remember a few weeks back reading either Casja or Gidge talking about their lack of enthusiasm for babydoll dresses. Lack of waist and curves played into it. This is what blogging is all about to me, sharing your opinion and others can take it or leave it and at times a witty banter can be brought forth (or sometimes not…) I didn’t agree with the babydoll post cause frankly I think it is an adorable style and as I wear them in RL they tend to hide that little bit of extra love I have on my derriere. Here though they make for lovely views of legs, even for a 5 foot 9 inch shorty such as myself! So on a recent assault on poor Stacie’s private time I caught her in a shop I have not been to, It’s All Good, Camie Cooper’s adorable boutique! I landed in front of this little number and stared bright eyes at the pictures of babydoll’s in brown and black and white leopard print dresses with a plethora of colored belts to tickle any fancy. I of course wanted them all but had to decide on one and this brown with the lovely muted rose belt won me over! The skirt has a great sway to it, sorta like a slow hula hoop. The shading is beautifully done and the belt, check it out, seriously great work!

I again agonized over jewelry, finally landed on some bangles that have handy color change script that worked well and will be a much needed addition to my inventory. But where do you get jewelry? Fun funky stuffs? Let me know…I know you’re reading I see my stats! Let me hear from you on this one! My necklace and earrings sort of fell into my lap. I am perhaps the only stalker of Kesseret Steeplechase! I’m not very good at it but I adoringly chase after her from time to time and she rewarded me yesterday with a gift that can be collected in her lucky chair at Amira, the My Lucky Day necklace, catchy hmm?. As with all her jewels this has color change options for the metal and the gemstone. Pink be the theme and she has a lovely pink diamond option. (There ya go Flutter) ;) Now I’m off to mess with my computer and see if I can get my smooth legs back.


Wearing ~

Earrings – Solitaire Earrings in platinum and pink diamond from Kess Kreation
Necklace – My Lucky Day in platinum and pink diamond from Kess Kreation
Dress – Leopard Dress with rose belt from It’s All Good
Bracelet (on left) – Salt Water Taffy Bangle in fudge, bubblegum and cherry from Fresh Baked Goods
Bracelet (on right) – Gem Jelly Donut Bangle Silver in soft pink and amber from Fresh Baked Goods
Shoes – Freakum Pump Pink Brown from House of Hucci

Pictures taken at Aprodite Creations

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