For No Particular Reason

I have no true theme here today. I wanted to wear pants…check. I also wanted to go with a color I had not worn…check check, I think I accomplished all my fore thinking criteria. Being all girled out over the last few days made me miss my jeans ya know just like on Monday morning when you slide into heels and you wish they were flip flops? The pang of the remembered comfort. /me sighs I also got some new sitting poses that I was dying to try, so pants were on the docket.

The jeans are a favorite pair. The color is so deep and rich and they make your bum look pinchable! The pockets are tiny sized and turned out a bit to give it a realistic look. I chose to wear the sculpted prim that is good for heels and looks like jeans typically do when worn with heels. That is a great attention to detail. Because the pants are so dark I wanted to lighten it up on top and this layer top from Sand Shack Surf & Co. It makes me think back to when I was a kid in art class and learning about complimentary colors. I can still here her saying Why do you think Football uniforms look like they do. I guess purple and green look good together, The Joker couldn’t have had it wrong…. I decided to pull out the small bit of turquoise in the shirt and wear shoes of the same color and some hoopy dangling earrings. I sorta feel 80’s with the side pony. Tis ok, I’m digging it! LOL Don’t like it? Meet Cerrie the ass kicker! LMAO oh I had to do it! Until tomorrow!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Cube earrings in green from .+*Atelier AM*
Bracelet – Double Metal Bracelet in gold/silver from Miriel
Shirt – Rainy Day Top in Purple/Green Stripe from Surf Couture
Jeans – Inferno 88 Jeans in midnight from Decoy
Shoes – Slingback Pump in Cotton Candy from Juicy

Pictures taken at Costa Rica

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