Say Goodnight and Go…

Imogen is a popular name in our little world. It was not a familiar name to me but I’m not gonna say I’m worldly so perhaps it was a reference from some far off place. Then as I was listening to my player the other day I heard an Imogen Heap song and it clicked, perhaps that is where it’s coming from. Imogen Heap is an amazing songstress; I became familiar with her when she was part of Frou Frou. She was on a few soundtracks to movies I adore, Zach Braff must be a fan as they were both his movies (food for thought). So as I typically do when I LOVE a song I look for the meaning to the lyrics and the video. And as I am watching the Goodbye and Go video it occurs to me, “I can so recreate this!”

Watch the video that sparked this post!

Here is my best effort at Imogen and I think I have done her justice! The fun of this was creating the set. I hopped to and fro and really it ended up costing me very little to put it all together. I would have loved some little tin toys but I couldn’t readily find any. That giant __exchange website was a huge help and almost everything I got was free. If you are really interested in locations of things message me inworld and you can come visit the set. I hopped around to a few stores with the help of a friend but then I remembered that Evie’s Closet had just given out a stunning gown for the August gift and as I am putting it on I am really pleased and know it will fit the ticket! The color is extraordinary and rich and the bodice is encrusted with gems that give it a sparkle. I spent the most time on the hair and decorations. I modified hair from Minnu Model and that was no small feat. Removing the prims was no trouble it was getting it lined back up on my head! Goodness that was a nightmare! I have new appreciation for hair creators! I have a hat with lovely branchy things and flowers and then I deconstructed a plant from Decollage and stuck that it. Plus it glows and cool glowy head! The flower on my left side is darkened to match up the dress a little better. I didn’t have enough forethought to add these items to the hair before perching it back atop my gourd so they are attached to every conceivable point on my head. In my hunts around the above named exchange site I saw a lip ring with a long flexible chain. I thought it odd and laughed it off until I was watching the video again and saw a use for it. So here I have a flexible lip chain attached to my eye ball. Worked out quite nice actually. This was a supremely great time. Who knew I could be so crafty? So what do you think, can I pass as Imogen?

Wearing ~

Hair – O’Hara in charcoal (modified) from MMS Hair
Flower (left) – Sherona Flower in red (modified) from DG Innovations
Hat (right headpiece) – Race hydrangea hat from WILD O
Silver Chain Lip piercing (location on Exchange)
Tattoos – Creeper from Etchd
Dress – Elysian Gown Red from Evie’s Closet
Back tattoo – Clockwork Inside from Curio Obscura
Wind Up Doll Key from Boom
Shoes – Slingback Pump in Black Cherry from Juicy

Pictures taken at my home studio

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