Reminder and Friendly Note…

Hello my lovelies. Just a quick reminder about the SLurl page. It has…well obviously…the slurl’s to the locations of the outfits worn. Now, I don’t think Stacie updates the page with hers, so perhaps just IM her inworld if you have questions. The page in case you don’t see it is located at the top of the page in the header picture. You can use that or message me, I’m happy to talk to you! I won’t promise to have landmarks and may just paste a Slurl to ya though! I hate Landmarks frankly.

I’m also gonna put up a little thing about me, I rarely will give info about the hair and skin I am wearing unless it is really a part of the outfit like today’s post on Goldfrapp; the skin was essential to the look. My basic view is there are ample amounts of skin and hair designers out there and while I never wear the same hair and skin two days in a row, they are specific to the look I am going for. The being said, most skins don’t look the same on avatars. Granted there are a few out there that do tend to make one and all look the same, so because of that reason I reserve my skin and hair choices for myself. Feel free to IM me if you would still like to ask me about it, but I may or may not tell ya… I know, it’s snobbish, but I’m just trying to be Cerrie, an individual amongst the pixels.

As always thanks for reading!

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