Switch Me On, Turn Me Up

I had so much fun becoming Imogen that I decided I am gonna do up a few of my favorite ladies in rock. Rock be all encompassing, I’m not gonna be nit picky with the actual genre they fall in! The fun of all of this is a chance to be creative and see what I can find and how I can modify it to suit my needs. Today I bring you English stunner Alison Goldfrapp of Goldfrapp. I’ve loved her since the first time I heard her and her style is amazing!

See the video that inspired the post

This outfit is a mass of layers! Funny how when you are looking for something you are never able to find the right thing. I first went to my inventory and tried on just about every black item I own but when I still didn’t find exactly what I was looking for I headed off. But I had a few places in mind and after only a few stores I found what I needed for the top. I combines a undershirt layer from M+R (formerly Cupcakes),. On top of that I used a patent leather latex bra from X3D a part of Digit Darkes in a shirt layer. Rounding out the top I used a gift from PixelDolls in the form of a jacket layer belt. The real flourish of the top is the dramatic sculpted sleeves that are part of the Digit Darkes Dictator Shrug. They match well with what Alison is wearing the Oh La La video.

The  most difficult aspect of this outfit for me with the hair. I knew I had seen something similar on the grid but to the best of my searches I was unable to find it. I was sure it was Bossa Nova or Comme il Faut, similar but not right. Then I thought Pudge or SplitPea…nope. I asked another hair lover and she came up with suggestions I had thought of. I finally turned to the net which at times can produce something and I started with skull cap with no result and then I tried knit cap and was let to Jhuzen Ketsu’s blog and this perfect hat hair combo. Not the one I thought I had seen but perhaps I had become jaded by the video. I did modify this do quite a bit. The original has bangs and the buns sit higher. I removed and lowered respectively. I also dropped the hat to sit lower on my eyebrows. Speaking of the eyebrows I used Moire Georgette’s Vamp skin from Another Fundraiser. The eyebrows mirror Goldfrapp’s perfectly. Since I had spent alot of time searching around I was not able to make the leg prims flexi like I had wanted to. Her pants are knock out cool with a fringed cuff the starts at her knee. Any designers reading…you should try and make these pants! The awesome drum set, keyboard and mic I found on exchange…for FREE! Can you believe that drum set? It’s also mod! Huge undertaking in the works for tomorrow…

Wearing ~

Hair/Hat – Karlie black cap in milktea from Slow Tempo
Skin – Vamp from Moire Georgette
Sleeves – Dictator Shrug in black from Digit Darkes
Top – Poofy Jacket in black (undershirt layer) from M+R
Bra – “Liquid Latex” Bra top in black (shirt layer) from X3D COUTURE (Digit Darkes)
Belt – Knit Jacket (jacket layer) from PixelDolls 

Gloves – Gloves Short Black from Fleur
Pants – Part of Hulstrom outfit from Haute Style & Co.  
Shoes – Heel Francine 01m BlkSlv01from Kittie Lair

Pictures taken at home studio
Music accessories purched here on Exchange

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