Happy Funky Bunnies


My aspirations for today’s post were a little overwhelming for me and I am gonna need some extra time so in the spirit of simplicity and readily available goods I am going to blog a whole bunch of stuff that has had massive airtime and a little bit of “Everyone is doing so why can’t I?”

I did try to add some of my own flair to it, but fear that consists only of so shoes and a cute top combo. I did take the pictures at my new favorite hang out so it was a bit relaxing and refreshing for me. Gritty Kitty’s new hair style has been a splash of colors and combinations all over the grid. Funny I never see people wearing it just using it in blog shots. It is a tousled goodness and the color changing strands make me squeal with delight. How I do love color coordinating locks! The bandana is not scripted to change colors but it is easy enough to mod that particular piece.

Bangles, skirt and leggings are all from Fishy Strawberry. I had gotten them several days before the blogosphere took over. That is neither here nor there. Tiny cute little shop bright with color. The skirt is daringly short so I was happy I picked up the leggings. I did have to alter the skirt pieces to fit my body better but tI think just about everyone does that. The leggings have some pretty noticeable seam work on the inside of the legs. Can’t say that I have ever noticed with other leggings I have but perhaps I didn’t do poses that pointed it out so much. The top is from It’s All Good and comes in a rainbow of colored vests. The tank is white under all of them if I remember correctly. Additionally you can wear the vest and tank separately! Lovely option! Short and sweet today, hopefully I will be able to bringyou the planned post tomorrow!

Wearing ~

Bracelet – Bangles in multicolor from Fishy Strawberry
Ring – My Lucky Day Ring in gold and tanzanite from KessKreations
Top – Short Double Buttond Vests in white from It’s All Good
Skirt – Star mini in grey from Fishy Stawberry
Pants – Leggins RetroCircles in water from Fishy Strawberry
Shoes – Ribbon Boots in white with color HUD laces from Shiny Things

Pictures taken at Happy Mood

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