Torn Doll

Hello my dears, have you missed me? I have returned from a mini metal break. I don’t mean to say my mental was broke but I have been doing this for awhile now and well I just needed some time to be in world without having to break neck. So I am here and refreshed and funny how long it took me to work this outfit up, get it pictured and all that goes into a posting.

I admit I’m a little rusty and sending this out a little later than I had wanted. As you may remember I had done some ladies in rock posts, the lovely Imogen Heap and the stylish Alison Goldfrapp. I had planned another and the task became insurmountable so I scrapped it for some other rainy day and bring you something I spied on a friend of a friend. 

I met Trinity Outlander through my dear friend Kim and I happened to run in to her a few days ago and she had this wonderfully cute dress on. I love that it almost looks like latex with a shiney to the skully material. The lace is wonderfully crisp as well. It comes complete with ruffled bloomers and gloves that I chose not to wear but instead snagged it up a bit with stockings and gloves from a most favored shop. The stockings have beautifully done rips and tears and great seam work. The gloves, though not torn, mirror the thick stripe and again top notch seaming. Check out the hand detail! 

Hair should be very familiar by now so I spiced it up with a lovely hat in deep and bright reds. I was having trouble attaching it and lashes so I fussed and fiddled trying to get it to look like the original when it occured to me I should copy the rotations. Three easy steps and a little lowering and it looked identical to the original. I wonder to myself why this did not dawn on me sooner. /me rolls her eyes at herself! Finished the whole look off with shoes from one of the best shoe hunts I have ever done. How can you not love the little bows and skulls? Ok Late, late, late. Until tomorrow!

Wearing ~

Hat – Flower garden head dress/red from WILD O
Earrings – SLAVE piercing RED from [P/a] PERTURB/ation
Gloves – Stripe Black from Sheer
Dress – SKULLZ&ROSES Bloomer Set from KaoSome 
Socks – Torn Nylons Stripes Black from Sheer
Shoes – Nightmare in black from Sixty-Nine

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