A Mauvy End

Sale, Discounted, Price Slash…these words are glitter to my ocular cavities! I of course pay full price for a ton of my stuff but my how I do love a bargain. On a recent trip to a shop which is a bit out of my price range on a great many of it’s stunning wares I saw a Discount section and thought this is where I need to be.

LeeZu Baxter is an amazing designer. I have but 2 items in my inventory that I splurged on and I tell ya I don’t wear them near enough but I found a few items in the Discount area that I fell in love with. Enter swishy skirt. Well it’s not really all that swishy. There is the standard glitch pants but the skirt is made up of 3 pieces attaching to your legs and a torso piece. It nice because it works well with my AO which tends to be a little all over the place. The color of the skirt is difficult to put another color besides gold with, maybe a light pink would work?

I didn’t think of light pink though and went with a lovely halter top/dress in a realistic gold. I had really wanted that gold lamay drape shirt I had seen on the feeds the other day but I had no idea who posted that and time was of the essence. So if anyone happens to know where I can get that shirt I woud be ever so grateful! The top has a ruffle that makes it into a skirt that I didn’t wear obviously and comes in all the required layer options so it worked well with the skirt and covered the bum crack that was REALLY hanging out. Good!

I accessorized only a little. The gloves were and after thought and match the color of the skirt in a darker hue and the earrings are white and gold but they add weight to my updo which I got at the Hair Fair. My first purchase! The flower is texture changing orchid and I love all the wispy tendrils! OK, I promised myself some inventory organizing. Ta all!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Glam earring white from Creamshop
Top – Halter Dress/Top in gold from League
Gloves – Nif Nif gloves in darkmauve from LeeZu Baxter Design
Skirt – Nell sculpted skirt /mauve  from LeeZu Baxter Design
Shoes – Kahakai in gold from R2

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