Rough and Tumble

I have been torn and mauvy the last two days and when I went for yet another dress ensemble I had to stop myself. I needed something a little more rough and tumble today. I actually found it all quite easy to put together, the trouble was navigating my inventory. I will admit it has gotten out of control again and I need to just drop everything, forget the feeds for a day turn everything and everyone off and just DO IT. I think it should be an option to send all your notices to an inworld mailbox sort of thing. Wouldn’t that be great!

So this is a mix of some  Japanese designers I stumbled upon and some over looked wonderfulness. The shirt and pants I found while hunting about in little sims. The pants are from a men’s shop and I just liked the leg prims and the colors and luckily they are modifiable so I was able to make the leg items smaller. Then the coolest thing I noticed when adjusting, the creator made a shadow for the pockets. A wonderful touch of reality as yes I am fairly certain these pockets would in fact cause a shadow! Now that I think of it all of these items have amazing shadow work today.

The hoodie is like 10 that I own in RL. They are broken in and soft and there is that rip in the sleeve from that concert you went to. My favorite type of sweatshirt. And notice how the shirt has a shadow from the open zippered edge! Amazing attention to detail! The overlooked wonderfulness is in the form of the shoes. Now I know that UBU, Kari and Akeyo all have sneaks such as this but I love these! JuJu’s Closet is a great little shop and I think it is really overlooked. The sneakers ring in at 300 clams and thought they don’t jump around and do tricks like UBU they are lovely in many ways. Juwan had her friends design a few and I chose one of those but they all are wonderful. I really wanted the ones with the little near naked people drawn on them. In case anyone wants to buy me a present, I’ll take those! ;)

Lastly I want to talk about something I don’t much, my skin, it’s from Minajunk. It was a limited edition from the Harajukubox City’s Skin Fair and every bit of worth the money I spent on it. The face is so beautiful even with it’s beat up look. It is a neko skin really as you see on the left eye there is fur. The body is soft and stunningly done just as all of Mina Jun’s skins are. Did you get the one from the CSR Summer Stamp event? NO?!? There is still time! Do it to it kiddies!

Wearing ~

Top and Jacket – Vintage Parka from Algernon
Shorts – Shorts in green from Zoobong 
Sock – Dino toe socks (Group gift) from Schadenfreude
Shoes- Chux by Claire Harford [SVRLY Ltd] Part of JuJu’s Closet

Photos taken at my new Skybox home

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