If You’re Fond of Sand Dunes

Like sand through the hour glass, so are the days of my…SUMMER!! Don’t you remember as a kid that summer went on and on in an endless journey to the next grade? Now I find if I blink too fast it is gone and fall and dreaded winter are just around the corner. I think it is said that after September 1st you shouldn’t wear white, I think it’s because it doesn’t look right with falling leaves and hayrides, though oddly white works for snow. So I am covering up a bit today, slapping on the crisp clean white that will be taboo in a matter of days.

The pants, my favorite, are part of a Last Call outfit. Shading and overall texture are of course a standard for which many of us measure. I have a few other pairs of white pants that look like the default white prim color. No shading or shadows, I think why bother? The shirt is men’s wear. I don’t know why I love men’s clothing so much. Maybe because of the challenge to make the attachments fit me or maybe it’s because men’s clothing is just not the run of the mill standard fair. I would love to see a man wear this shirt. The colors are so vivid and I think even the pink would not make it any less masculine.

 I mentioned yesterday the Creators Stamp Rally. If you don’t what it is check out this page. I found these at one of the participating shops. See I had picked out 8 gifts I wanted and needed to buy 8 things to get the stamp cards. It turned out this was a great purchase. The belts are modifiable so you can tint or copy and changed the textures even. This white sits perfectly on the hips and added a bit of texture interest and it works great with my poses. I dressed it all up with bright shiny jewelry. I am not sure who made the calla lily necklace but I would love to find earrings that matched. It was a wonderful gift when Le Zoo opened; it may even still be there. I went with a very muted pink heel that ties everything together.

Of course when I think pink one person comes to mind as the epitome of the color, Gorgeous Yongho. So I went to Juicy Bella for my snappies. It really is a beautiful square and has great shops! Oh and the Christmas tree is still up. Hurry hurry go grab the gifts!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Bead Earrings from Diamonde
Necklace – Calla Lily Necklace girft at Le Zoo
Top – Silky NATUshirt in navy/pink from :sey
Bracelet – Silver Beaded Bangles from SLink
Studs belt in white from ElecTRo Kitty
Pants – Part of Pristine Suit Belted White Pants from Last Call
Shoes – Round Shoe in pink from Periquita

Photos taken at Juicy Bella

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