The Ice Girl Cometh

It’s Friday and though I worked from home the most of this week I am so happy to be done with work and able to relax and enjoy my long weekend. I have been in a bit of a state of flux this last week and I am finding it hard to settle into any sort of rhythm. Last night I was lounging about with my dear friend and all of a sudden occurred to me, “I have to get ready for tomorrow” A mad dash about and I bring you today’s post in the true blue sense.

Now I am prefacing my outfit with this little tidbit: my blog is not all about clothes that I purchase, it is more like my look of the day or outfits I put together that I like. As it turns out some of the thing I wear may no longer be available (not that I feel any of you run out to buy what I have on) It is more a “Hey you may have gotten this too. Maybe you could do something like this with it.” Blah, ok enough of that. Almost my entire outfit was got in a hunt or in some similar type of free way.

The shirt is part of an outfit that could be had in Baiastice’s hunt they held this summer. This is how sad I am, I JUST looked at this stuff, my inventory is truly a nightmare. I was hoping to get to all the folders in one day. Once I started I quickly realized this was completely unrealistic. I got to B, dear me it’s gonna take me 2 years. And that’s just folders, I have yet to unpack a ton of stuffs. I need to be more discerning, more than that I really need to get back to the outfit and quit whining! The shirt was as I said part of an outfit. I do like Baiastice but the shorts that went with this outfit were…well I did not have a warm fuzzy feeling about them so I paired it up with tight black leggings that pick up the pattern and the black lace in the shirt. The shirt is fun and I like the angle the hem is cut at giving sexy views of tummy love and it moves really pretty like, oh and looks great on the dance floor! Swish, swish, sway, dig it kiddies!

I didn’t want to go black overload so I picked a color that seemed to pop out at me and that was blue. I went with a deep blue stiletto heel and a feathers choker that was a gift from Opium at the Lingerie and Beachwear Expo, comes in a heap of jewel toned colors and the sapphire was just want I wanted. Also a gift were the earrings from Perquita. I’m gonna say they came from a Lloyd event or group gift. The folks at Starlust are insanely generous! If they were not at a Starlust event the folks over there are still insanely generous. Well enough brown-nosing for one day! Have a splendidily great weekend, look for posts from Stacie and I will meet you all back here on Monday!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Heart and Ring earrings from Periquita
Necklace – Le Burlesque Feather & Sequin Choker in sapphire from Opium 
Top – Fun&Sun from Baiastice
Bangles – Bubblegum Bracelets Stack in midnight chew from Toxique
Pants – – Metallic Tights in black from Armidi Limited
Shoes – Serenity Shoes in dark blue from Aphrodite Creations

Pictures taken at Iceberg Club in Gotham City

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