The Black Pearl


How is everyone’s weekend going? Well mine has been anything but quiet but one rolls with it. To treat myself I attended just about every hunt held, visited Chairs of Fate (the Google literal translation of Lucky Chairs from Spanish) and some of the wonderful sales happening. I have to say it might be a good thing that weekends are only two days because another day of this break-neck speed and I will need traction!

One of the hunts I was not going to miss out on was the LVS& Co along with Enchanted, My Dead Kitty and a whole square full of wonderful content creators’ Pirate Days and Masquerade Ball. I have been attending hunts put on by this talented group since almost my inception. Generous to a fault they work so hard to put on great events with clever themes and fun gifts. They have again went all out and if you have not stopped in you really must. As I am walking about looking for hunt items in LVS & Co I am struck over and over again by how wonderful Ravenlynn Templar’s work is. Her dresses are ethereal and layers with the right amount of sexy and always an array of colors. 

Then my eyes befell this oh so sexy teddy. I saw it and did a big “WOW!!” but I thought “No, I don’t need it right now, I can do without”. But I kept looking at it, thinking what shoes do I have that would work, what jewelry might I wear. And the next thing you know, I heard a cha-ching and I was the proud new owner of Lotus from the Afterdark collection. The embroidered lace work is so intricate and the scalloped sequin neckline adds extra sparkle. The matching back stays in place with silk ribbons that give you daring views of your curves. The deep plum color is like night and I think it looks better on a sunkissed or tan skin but I’m sure it could be rocked out on a pale skin as well.

I wish there has been some stockings but now that I have on this skin colored pair, my original wish for a plum pair flew out the window. This satiny shine is delicate and so sexy to me and has just a bit of lace at the top in a light golden color. Now the clam prop I used is from AmorePacific, it doesn’t seem to me that they have updated anything since February when the new Miscene Building did the Glam release so the clam is still there. You can sit on the clam and do one laying sleep pose. I used a mix of LAP and Sylvan’s, mostly I am telling you that cause I readily knew. Usually I just work with what comes up but the clam prop called for something specific. I’m rambling.

Wearing ~

Jewelry – Solitaire Earrings & Necklace in gold and champange from KessKreations
Lingerie – AFTERDARK in LOTUS from LVS&CO
Bracelet – Palm Court from DellyBeams Gem Gallery
Stockings – Shiny in skin from No.9 Nylons
Shoes – Slingback Pump in Black Cherry from Juicy

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