Another Day at the Office

Yes, you have been seeing more of Stacie than you have of me but RL does that sometimes. It was not my plan to post something today but this all came together really quickly so I think you all might get a double dose today. It is a very cool and overcast day here in my “real” life and I am bundled up so I thought Cerrie should have a little bit of bundling too. I pulled out some fallish tones and materials and I got myself a post.

I am really found of navy blue. I don’t really know why, it’s just so rich and deep and comforting! I just sort of stumbled onto this outfit in my inventory. It has a cute tailored look with a short sleeve jacket and low capri length pants. I like the little button details on the belt of the pants and the jacket. I added a sheen with the tan tank from VG, it has tons of layer so it worked perfectly with the suit.

I little more sheen came from the stockings, a gift still available at VG, I chose the sheer tintable version and gave it a bit of gold glow. To give it all a bit of autumn fire I wanted to spice it up with rust and wood tones. The shoes are from my friend Aphrodite Outlander’s shop aptly named Fire they add a bright burst of color to the outfit which made jewelry selection super easy. I turned to Bonita’s first and her amazing large bangle collection and finished with a strand of orange wood beads.

The earrings were a Red Stick gift from KessKreations (Oh how I stalk thee) This is not her standard gemstone collection. This pair of earrings has wonderful stone options like onyx, raw ruby and others, I chose Fire Opal, a perfect match to the necklace. Since I had a very office feel I added little spec-take-els (bizarre inside joke) I think these were a freebie during the Albero II mall opening. Ta da…I’m ready for dictation! OK, it is the weekend, almost. I may just sneak a weekend post in… if not have a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday!

Wearing ~

Glasses – LC-I 001f_GLASSES from LUCKY CARD 
Earrings – Atropos Earring in gold and fire opal from KessKreations
Necklace – Orange Wood Bead Cluster Necklace from  Bonita’s
Outfit – Emma’s Suit in Blueberry Pie from Devilish Cupcake 
Top –  Beater Tanktop in tan from VG Republic
Bracelet – Brown & Pearls Bracelet 4 ~ #14 from Bonita’s
Socks – Light Tone Sheer Tintable Lycra Tights from VG Republic
Shoes – Rosette in fire from Aphrodite Creations

Photos taken at depot office and Business Park

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