My Flickr friend carried over to my virtual world, Jazzine, told me of a place called Sculptie Island. See I was helping her come up with a few poses for a photog opportunity and she had mentioned a place she saw on Flickr. Off she goes in hunt of it and tells me that it is an amazing place called Sculptie Island. After my outfit was put together her words came back to me so off I went in search of a good locale.

She was not kidding. The place is amazing with the Acropolis on one hill and a volcano over yonder. There is a forest of evergreen trees and animals can be found hiding amongst the boughs. The textures are the next best thing to real life and I have not even mentioned how life like the animals are. It is a collaborative work of several very talented individuals. One of the creators, Leni Galli, came and greeted me and showed me around a bit and after a brief “this is what you can find here” I was off to explore. There is a series of floating islands and I tp’d up and found this beautiful sculpture garden complete with an anatomically correct David statue!


Now being this is a fashion blog I will get to my outfit. I am the queen of mix and match! It all started with my skirt from Bland. This shop is way up off the ground in Tableau one of my most all time favorite sims on the grid! This particular Bland shop is anything but. It is awash with bright colors and cartoonish drawings and pictures. I spotted this skirt the moment I walked in; I adore the giant button detail and the bright colors and who doesn’t love a slimming vertical stripe?! The top, I tried on a many let me tell ya, then I found this wonderful top from Decoy hiding in my inventory and I thought it was the perfect compliment to the skirt. I love the dipping neckline and the square drop back.

I thought bold chunky accessories would be best and used Ki-Squared’s Chunky Necklace as the base and retextured and colored to better compliment my outfit. The earrings though really hard to see are one of my favorite color changing pairs from Artilleri, the simple teardrop. Uber love in taffy form, Fresh Baked Good’s Salt Water Taffy bangle set finishes off my jewelry. The shoes though they did not work well at the place I chose to photo myself, are the adorable Flat Rabbit shoes from Aoharu Walk, the new venture of machang Pichot. How can you not just love shoes that have a cotton bunny tail? Now I am off to go explore more of this incredible sim! Please make sure you visit and enjoy all of it’s wonders!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Teardrop earrings set to honeydew from Artilleri
Necklace – Chunk Necklaces retextured and colored from Ki-Squared
Top – Dalini in raspberry from Decoy
Skirt – Stripey Greed Skirt from Bland
Bracelet – Salt Water Taffy Bangle set to coconut, strawberry, mint blue and bubblegum from Fresh Baked Goods
Shoes – FlatRabbitShoes in pink from Aoharu Walk

Photos taken at Sculptie Island

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