Are You Out There?

Loss is never something a person wants to go through. My Gramps passed away yesterday and I’m sad but happy he is no longer suffering. So this post is for him. We are a Midwestern family, close knit and my bond with my grandparent’s is something that has made me who I am today. Gramps was always in my corner and if ever I had some random question about why my car was going clunk clunk, well he was but a phone call away. So back to the Midwestern part, I wanted to kind of take us back to our roots and “home”.

The Far Away and it’s wheat fields is home for me. This is where we grew up amongst corn, soy beans and pig farms. The Far Away is also such a quiet place and it seemed the perfect spot to come and celebrate my Gramps life. I’m gonna leave outfit details to the Wearing section at the bottom. See you all tomorrow.

Wearing ~

Hat – Morning Hat from Mercury (Shop currently closed)
Earrings – JCNY – Lily, Hyper-Gems Earring
Necklace – Antique Floral Locket from Coquette
Dress – 7AM from GHOST! (Store closed)
Gloves – Leather Gloves Long in merlot from Fleur
Socks – I made (cause my feet looked really white)
Shoes – ChiChi Pumps in black velvet from Maitreya

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