All The Leaves Are Brown

Summer is my season, I love hot weather and sun and the laid back way all people seem to be because of those long ago memories of childhood Summers. Fall and Spring are seasons that I can’t really say I like one or the other better. Spring is wonderful because of everything coming back to life, the vibrant colors and smells and the sky is so crisp and clean. Fall though is the winding down season awash with incredible colors and smells in its own right.

In my childhood growing up in a REALLY small town we played in huge piles of fallen leaves, collected beautiful oak and maple leaves to make into mobiles, apples started to be prevalent at roadside stands and the faint smell of burning leaves from the compost piles was always in the air. In my town trees were older than me and all of my family put together and they were alight with an explosion of colors; oranges, yellows and staggering shades of red and purples. Fall is also about these rich materials that have amazing texture and weight; tweeds, leathers, denim and brocades.

As as I am perusing my blogroll I see this wonderful jacket that is a group gift from I shop I have never heard of but I love the tweed and the cut is cute, this starts off my outfit. I only wish there had been little cuffs on the sleeves but it is fine as is. I opt for jeans because it is one of my favorite looks men wear, a nice tweed sports coat and jeans that hug in just the right way, mmhmm. The jeans are one of my all time favorite pairs and I’m sure the most expensive but oh so worth it. The detailing is amazing and you could bounce quarters off my tush, I kid you not! They come with pants and underpants layers and 3 different types of prim leg attachments. I have worn them to death so I definitely have gotten my money’s worth. For a splash of color I add a floral laced tank that is just visible at the closure of the jacket. I believe they come in a pack of colors and since M&R is so affordable you should run over and get them. The accessories top off this autumn look; I went with a low slung belt from my favorite shop for such goods, Refuge. Trinitee Trilam makes the best belts! Invest in some if you don’t already have a few.

The necklace I am wearing is such a random thing. I was waiting for my letter to come up on some interesting skin and a lovely lady with my same initial popped in (I of course sighed and grumbled) But as I looked at her I noticed this incredible necklace she had on, a tiny camera and a little medallion that said create. It looks just like something I would love to have in RL. And because I am hopelessly shy I click inspected the poor girl. Come to find out she made it. So I worked up the nerve and asked her if she did, (I know that hardly makes sense but I didn’t want her to know I click inspected her) She said “Yes!” and I went about telling her how great it was and asked if she sold it. She was then nice enough to give me one telling me to enjoy it and that the medallion is texture change. To beat all, it goes great with my outfit. I finished it all off with another all time faves, my Old Boots from Shinythings, had em over a year and still think they are the metasphere’s most perfect boot. I think I have more than talked my fill today. So off I run to do actual work, send me strength all!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Teardrop Earrings in black from Miriel
Necklace – “create – inspire” from Cynthia Barley (lovely lady I met in a shop)
Jacket – Brown Jacket from Royal Designs by Tabynha Tammas (Group gift)
Top – Floral Tank Tops in purple from M&R Cupcakes
Ring –  Pein favorite from :sey
Bracelet – Double Metal Bracelet in Black/Gold from Miriel
Pants – Trusty Jeans Dark from Launa Fauna Fashions
Belt – United Belt in black from Refuge
Shoes – Old Boots in black from Shiny Things

Photos taken at Tempura Island

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