High On Life

That is a really lame name for a post but basically I wanted to be on some rocky cliffs and the only ones I really like had a sphincter guarding them against people climbing up them. Totally stupid. Instead I visited the beautiful Artropolis. Incredible sim, looks a little like Fantasy Island only they produce more art there than loving bonds. I found the highest perch I could and on to my post.

Today’s outfit is really just fun. Some of you may have seen that Refuge is having a burial sale. Certain items have been marked down and placed in a large “grave” out in front of the store on the Sinistyle sim. I found this adorable outfit amongst the soon to be departed. It is a full outfit including shirt that has this adorable little prim tie at the waist, charcoal shorts with a large square pattern and sheerish tights . The tights where actually a lovely grey but it just seemed a little too dark for me so I gave them a splash of Kelly green and I was in business. I still felt a bit more color was needed.

The neckline of the top is a boat neck but I needed a little something, enter a gift from The Closet, it was in one of their hunts. This chiffon scarf is bright and airy looking so it adds a serious punch of carnation pink color yet is not too heavy or Winterish. To tie in the pink scarf and green stockings I found the perfect bridge, Untone Quilts armwarmers. The little cream flowers echo the shirt, and the tiny flower leaves cinch up the stockings, but in case that was not enough green love I grabbed some beaded color change hoops from Artilleri. I feel like I should be running around in a park with a kite. So from this we have learned a couple things. 1) Don’t make really cool cliffs, put them in search and then deny sightseers access to climb them. 2) Refuge’s sale is on till Sunday; run over and check out the women’s AND men’s clothing and the hair! (Great hair) Enjoy and see you all on Friday!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Bead hoop earrings set to forest green from Artilleri
Scarf – Chiffon stole short  from THE CLOSET (Limited hunt gift)
Outfit – Adoration (stockings tinted green) from Refuge
Cuffs – Handwarmer in pink from UnTone Quilt
Shoes – AM LONG Bb Boots in black from Zero Number

Photos taken at Artropolis

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