Go Ask Alice

It’s that time again kiddies, my dearest friend Kim and I have gotten together for some fun and today we bring you one of my all time favorite stories plus a little extra. I know that Alice in Wonderland may be old hat, did you all see the recent surge of Alice to our metaverse? Oh I have gleefully basked in all of it’s wonderfulness and when I saw the latest release from Sugar Mill, well I was as happy as a clam! What Anicia Medici of Sugar Mill and Bronwen Llewelyn of Fluky had actually done was create a kick ass prop and outfits and then held themselves a little contest.

I missed out on the contest but I could not miss out on Looking Glass and Alice/Malice outfits. Looking Glass is a menu driven mirror that poses sweet little Alice on the other side of the looking glass from Malice. There are several poses: kneeling, sitting, gazing at one other. My only trouble is that the pose balls are not modifiable, I can deal with a little hand through the glass though.

The outfits come with everything you would need minus hair and skin, though there is a freebie skin that Kim is wearing for sale at Fluky. Since Kim always plays the goody two shoes roll we flipped and she is Malice today. Her dress and stockings have traces of just how bad Malice really is. There is also a clean version available for separate purchase. We had a heck of a time trying to find a location that was right but I finally landed at Kurotsubaki and lucky that worked perfectly for us!

All of the poses come from the mirror except the three where are are standing together, those are from Aphrodite Creations. I strongly recommend heading over to SugarMill and Fluky, wonderful goodness can be had at both shops! Waha! It’s Friday, so everyone have a dynamite weekend and see you next week!

Wearing ~

No need to go over this, it’s all in the post :))

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