Sugar Shock

I am one of those types of girls who doesn’t likes to necessarily be a cookie cutter. I like to throw in something a little different. For me I change my skin everyday as I do with  my hair and hair color. So for me when I see there will be a event or item of clothing that will have a limited run, I’m all over it. Harajukubox had a clothing faire over the weekend and was was sure to check it out.
It was set in the super cute chocolate is great sort of theme. Cordials, chocolate dipped strawberries, fancy little slices of cake…delicious. Designers like Draconic Lioncourt of Draconic Kiss, Chrystina Noel of Riddle and Truth Hawks of Truth were selling their goods and some included limited edition pieces that would only be sold at the faire.

I picked up this super cute short set from Slanted Fox that is aptly called Cute 4 U. It is big and poofy and an odd mix of materials. We have, cable knit sweater top and cotton shorts with eyelet lace trim on the shorts cuffs. I love the plaid section in the center and of the two options I chose this mint green and pink combo (the other is a black and white). It is really faint so it doesn’t overwhelm but it actaully does great things for the shadows.

To go with this uber cute outfit I had to pull out my lace trimmed socks from Nyla’s. Then I wanted to not change the overall feel of sweet so I thought flats would be good. And there is one shop on the grid that has the light dusty color of shoe I am looking for just perfectly and that is none other than Shiny Things. Fallingwater Cellardoor makes some of the best sculpted shoes. These adorable Francoise Flats with it large buckle accent are the perfect. The earrings and bracelet tie to the sugar sweet ascpect of the look with tiny cupcakes and a lovely bangle in pinks and blacks finish off the whole look. Thanks for the read and see you tomorrow!

Wearing ~

Jewelry – Candy Collection in cupcake from Canimal
Oufit – CUTE 4 U! in GREEN & PINK from Slanted Fox
Socks – White Eyelet lace frill socks from *Nyla*  
Shoes – Francoise Flats in bubblegum from Shiny Things

Photos taken at the Ice Cream Parlor Soda Shoppe at  Mandalay Bay

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