Leather Clad

I’m a Flickr nut! I see all sorts of incredibly done works and have met some cool people along the way. Alot of times when I am looking for something particular to wear I will use all means available to me to locate something. In the Imogen post I needed a doll key and the ones I was finding weren’t what I was wanting, so I turned to Flickr and found exactly what I was looking for in Aranel Ah’s photostream

Aranel has a shop called BOOM and it is a diverse shop with tons of color and a whole wall of Cheapies (most in the 50 to 75 clam range). She just released this sexeh leather fringed top. It cried out to me and I had to stop in and get one. It is a halter that ties in the back with prim bows and the flexi fringe is optional. I decided the fringe was a good thing and it made me feel all motorcycle happy so I went to Lil Surgis to look at bikes. Back to the top… (I’m ADD today) it comes in 6 colors and as you can see it just steps up the sexy quotient. I got it in the tan but Aranel was nice enough to give me this red and it is smokin’ hot! I feel like a cinnamon Red Hot.

For the lower half I didn’t want to give away all the cookies, I mean the top does a fine job on its own, so I went with a knee length denim skirt from BP. Great texture here but I would expect nothing less from BettiePage Voayger. This skirt also comes in a version with roses appliques, cute, but it was too much red. Shoes were the recent gift from Fuel. Not really a free gift but a very generous offering at a reduced price from Sandy Cleghorn. I had these in Milk from a purchase long ago and they are great so I had to have the red! The are a great fit and unlike any other I have seen on the grid.  I love the cork sole, I would so wear these in RL. I added a bit of jewelry and snappy snap. And a bit about Lil Surgis, I have not been there in a really long time but it is the best place to buy hot motorcycles. Not to mention plenty of space to ride around and show off! ok, I’m out, have a day kiddies!


Wearing ~

Earrings -Drop Earring tinted Grey and Maroon from Amaretto  (store closed)
Top – Leather Crop Halter in red from BOOM
Bracelet –  Bracelet set (red) brace:02 from **DP** yumyum
Skirt – Denim skirt (D) from **DP**yumyum
Shoes -Bambee *Strawbs* Wedges from /Fuel/

Photos taken at Lil Surgis

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