Urban Jungle

I was talking with a friend last night about the allure of our metaverse. I got a new skybox and have had a great time making it mine and as he was looking around he said it was the most fun place he has been in a long time. That for him Phil’s has lost a little of its sparkle, and he wondered why that was. I asked him if my homey place made him want to lose his Grim Reaper look and go with a normal colored eyes? and he said, I have that in RL, quote end quote. My response, I have pillows in RL too but I like these a little better. True dat. So much of what I do here is the above and beyond that I would do in my real life. For instance I would never tag a wall. But here it is all a part of the fun and  adventure.

This outfit came out of an event at a club I have been going to with friends, Club Remedy. It has been getting me to dig around in my inventory and come up with new outfits for events. Always a good thing. It had such a urban feel to me and something like I would see a break dancer wearing that I went with that bent. The pants look like big cushy black marshmallows. They have a really neat feature that the side stripes are color change on touch. I think there are maybe 4 or 5 options. I like the little accents like that the art on the leg and the little drawstring ties. They also sit dangerously low and with the shirt I chose you get long expanse of tummy. Hot HOT!

I didn’t want to wear a tank top cause I wear them all too much so I found this grey top that I got so long ago that the it tore in the front (I kid, I joke). The slits in the front of the shirt are not as strategically placed as I would have liked so I threw on a silver latex bra from another long ago purchase, X3D Couture before Digit Darkes was Digit Darkes! I do so love to layer. I had to of course go with some great kicks and this group gift from Akeyo gave me not only some fantastic shoes but a little punch of color. What is not to love there? Well no I know what I would love, ALL THE COLORS! But dusty yellow is rockin’ it today! To tie all of that in and because I don’t think tagger wear a ton of accessories I on;y went with earrings in a bright yellow. I grabbed a spray can and got to work. I love that I am constantly finding things that creative people have made and the location I was at had spray paint cans with and without bells and whistles. Check in tomorrow, and have a great today!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Plastic Earrings in yellow from +plus
Top – Grey Teared up Sweater from Oxygen Designs (Store closed)
Pants – Female Jersey Short Pants from Discord

Photos taken at Pug City

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