A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

I like jewelry and all things accessory. I have a fat folder in my inventory with things I have been picking up since practically day one. I was delighted when Mouse Mimstrobell offered me a look at her fall collection and as I said to her, I don’t know why I had never stopped into her shop Dark Mouse. Mouse’s fall collection is rich in color and texture and are typically sets, which I just love! My outfit started today around this necklace and earrings set called Vibrant Beads.

It comes in three deep tones brick, moss and I am wearing charcoal. Delicate little dimpled beads and matching bead and hoop earrings. These are the perfect fall color combinations and I’m sure I will get alot of wear out of them and at only 100 lalas per set and a discounted fat pack at 210, please! It’s a no brainer purchase! The rest of my outfit is a bit of texture nutso-ness. My top is just wonderful and though I had a bit of trouble with the sculpted attachment I worked it out. The top can be worn with or without the attachment and comes with several layers. The low dip of the tank worked really well with my necklace! Talk about drawing ones eyes.

The skirt is a bit of mystery as to where I got it (see below in the Wearing section) but the dark brown and length won me. It came with a sculpted version as well but I really liked the flexi movement. it sits snuggly under the top and the brown tied nicely to the tops belt. The boots are a new acquisition from Truth. Great new look to the store and the vendors! The Huntress Boots are are fantastically crafted. I love the scuffing on the heels and the toe. I did have a bit of trouble moving and sizing the prims but that is because I believe I have the worlds most difficult AO.

So top, skit, boots, as I was looking at myself it just seemed a little bare so I recalled getting some leggings or socks or something that had the word feather in it and I was right, feather stockings from Pig Shop. Now because of my boots you can’t see how truly fantastic these are. They have beautiful peacock feathers on the back of the calves. You can see a hint of them but you need an ankle boot or flats to truly enjoy them. The grey color lends more earthy tones to the outfit and took the bareness to a more do-able place! Thanks to Mouse for offering me up a chance to take a look at her work! i’m off to the Alice Hunt!!

Wearing ~

Jewelry – Vibrant Colors Beaded Set in charcoal from Dark Mouse
Top – AmiYumi Halter in vine from Novocaine
Skirt – Brownplaidskirts 1 flexi 1 sculpted from S.Y.D. (I have no idea where this is from it says S.Y.D. but made by SySy Chapman, your guess is as good as mine, I couldn’t find it in either store)
Tights – Feathered Tights2 from Pig Shop
Shoes – Huntress Boots in earth from TRUTH

Photos taken at Novocaine

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