Blue Belle

There has been much newness released lately. Designers who have been quiet for some time have brought forth delectable things to tantalize us with, make us drool, and lose all willpower and buy the lot of their offerings. Plus we are getting fall fashions rolling and the colors and it’s getting me in the spirit for the beautiful autumn that is nearly upon us. I’m a creature of comfort. I see people walking around in things that look so unbelievably uncomfortable, things that I just have no desire to wear in either life!

When I saw this soft top from Truth I did little smile. I love tops like this. Cowl necks are comfortable and they do lovely things for your neck and chest. The color combinations on these tops are great and this cornflower blue and taupe just looked so perfect together. The neat feature here is the back. I remember last year having a hell of a time trying to get cowls to sit right on my shoulders and chest. A few I gave up on completely and trashed. This top only has a front cowl and nothing to adjust or make right in the back which is a stroke of genius and maybe other designers will pick up on it. It attaches to the chest which made it east for me to wear a necklace on the spine attachment! And what a lovely necklace it is.

Though not from Dark Mouse’s fall collection it is marked down in a large selection of other items that ring in at 10 clams. My Gramp would have said you can’t beat that with a stick! It is an enameled set complete with accompaning bracelet and is adorned with a delicate blue flower; I just love the square design.  I paired it up with a skirt from a new shop called Kiwi. Dark denim is one of my faves and I thought it set off the lightness in the top really well. My only problem is that the flexi skirt is no mod and I am a little bit of a thing and well I made it look the best that I could but I am really unhappy. Modification is simply a must in my book!!

Lastly we have my new favorite flat also from Truth. Now I am not a fan of fat packs mostly because my inventory is gigantic, but this shoe I WOULD have bought in a fat pack had that option been available to me, which it was not or at least not that I saw. They are pricey for a simple flat but they fit beautifully and the toe turns up slightly, as all Truth shoes do, and it gives it an amazing realness. The colors available are perfectly done and if nothing else pick up the black pair since it can be paired with just about everything! So I am off to wait for the Lucky Chair at La Syphide. Stacie will be up tomorrow, have a great weekend!

Wearing ~

Earrings – {JUNK} Gutted Hoops
Jewelry set – Blue Enamel Set from Dark Mouse
Top – Veronica Top in smurf muffin from TRUTH
Skirt – Roma jean skirt from Kiwi
Shoes – Mina Flats in water from TRUTH

Photos taken at Philotic Energy (Where the store usually stands but is currently a few hundred meters up)

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