Extra Whipped Cream, Please

I am a nut for coffee and tea. When that mega coffee shop seems to be on every corner in the city I work and live in I never have trouble finding a place to partake. What I do have trouble with is what I want. I see people who come in and order off a laundry list of ways in which their drink must be served and I am still pondering this and that with a low fat muffin?!

One of my most favorites in the green tea latte! I’m sure they were trying to offer you something good, what with that huge green tea buzz, but I highly doubt this does anything more than warm your insides up. So thinking of my yummy latte I decided to put on something comfy and head over to Amore Pacific for some green tea treats. As you see I am fully in fall mode and when I saw this adorable little sweater jacket at Lo Designs it took me a fraction of a second to decide I wanted it.

I love the cozy look of it and the open neck and waist it’s very much like a nice snuggly sweater I wear in the office when I am freezing. Because my assets were a bit bare I wanted a infusion of color that would not detract from the beautiful texture of the sweater. My go to tank top is always the beaters at VG Republic! I tried a bright pink but it was not quite right but this rich red was just right. It still has a berry feel to it and goes well with my skin. Great worn-in jeans finished off the essentials. League does great things with jeans; these are sufficiently grungy. You get 2 options of jeans, either skinny like I am wearing with a nice leg prim or a standard system pair. Love the torn texture and fit to the backside that looks very sexy without showing crack, beacuse that is just not my thing.

While I was at VG Republic I stopped in and bought some jewels from miam miam. Any jewelry that is metal color change is tops with me and you get gold, silver, copper and bronze with a simple touch option here! And on top of that this set has color change charms and there are a ton of colors and ridiculously priced so I got a matching bracelet as well. There were a few sales over the weekend that I was sure to hit and one was 50% off jewelry at The Body Politik to celebrate their merge with Drifting Sands. I picked up this great little glass bangle in autumn tones to offset my miam miam matchiness. Cute and not too big like some bangles tend to be. I didn’t even need to adjust were it sat on my wrist.

The last sale I hit was of course Maitreya to pick up some of their incredibly created leather shoes. They are going to be discontinuing several of the textures and to send them out with a bang they reduced the price so we could all benefit. I had to get the whole pack of colors at reduced fat pack price of 1000 lalas. This brown leather set off the whole outfit perfectly! Heading over for the sale was also a perfect reason to check out the new store and to pick up a few goodies that came from their first releases, check out the free items if you missed those in the past. The new store looks great and I can see I will be making many a trip in the coming days when traffic dies down a bit! Now I am gonna sit and enjoy my green tea latte and try to forget that it’s Monday!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Diamond Studs from miam miam
Necklace – Chunky Heart Necklace in gold and tortoise from miam miam
Top -Beater Tanktop in Red from VG Republic
Jacket – Wool Jacket in brown beige from Lo Designs
Belt – Skinny Belt in chocolate brown (high)from Elate!
Bracelet – (R) Chunky Heart Bracelet in gold and tortoise from Miam Miam
(L) Glass Bangles in autumn from The Body Politik
Jeans – Woodstock Jeans in grunge from League
Socks – Sickly Pastel Socks in beige from amerie’s Naughty
Shoes – Mishima Dawn in Leather brown from Maitreya

Photos taken at O’Sulloc Tea House

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