Nothing But A Whisper

So I was not doing anything special on Sunday, window shopping as usual; I saw something funny and shared it with a friend who said he was bored and to send him a limo. I did and several purchases later we whisked off to another shop where I saw this incredibly sheer, stunning and over the top Va va voom dress. I tried to play it cool. Not act too eager about wanting to grab the picture board and turn all fangirl. I played it coy and tried not to ooze love for it too much. (Actually he had no idea I felt this way about it, silly men shoppers) He and I were on a bit of a shopping spree you see and when I begged for the dress, well he was nice enough to get it for me! What a keeper he is!

So I put the dress on today and I nearly fell over. It is this form hugging sheath of mesh encrusted with diamonds in an intricate web pattern that entwines your whole body. You can clearly make out where my tattoo snakes around. The girls are protected from sight by triangles of opaque material where the spaghetti straps attach. The skirt also desperately sheer sports the same lovely design. The skirt is situated just so and covers the most of the goodies. It is actually 3 pieces connecting to form the softly flowing skirt. The back falls to the ground in a lovely train that pools when you stop moving. And speaking of the back, you do and can see through it, but even though there is nothing much between an onlooker and my birthday suit it is so classy and tastefully done that I didn’t mind one bit walking around Blacklace where I snapped my pictures.

The dress also comes with a pair of ankle strapped high heels that are not done too badly, but I chose to now wear them and opted for gifts from Maitreya, the slinky stiletto; I liked the sheen of them better. The dress also comes with gloves with a cuff that matches the dress. The gloves are actually a solid black and they seemed really heavy to me and detracted from the dress. I instead wore a glove from Sheer that have a beautiful soft shine. I still wore the cuffs from the packaged gloves but I made the prim a little translucent to match the feel of the overall outfit. Accessories for this outfit where incredibly simple, I wore only a tattoo to show off the sheerness of the dress. A lovely tatt called Creeper, and it does a fine job of that and is much a part of the outfit in my eyes. And a diamond hoop from Dark Mouse that size and style wise were perfect, the hoop is a black matte metal with a single thin row of diamonds around it. I feel like the most glamorous girl in the whole metaverse. If it was appropriate I would sleep in it and never take it off! Now I will forever be indebted to my friend for getting this dress for me. Thanks Rem, even if you are the metaverse’s most giant pain in the arse!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Large Diamond Hoop Earring from Dark Mouse
Tattoos n- Creeper from Etchd
Gloves – Semi-Opaque Black from Sheer
Dress – SPARKLE from Chic Dimenions
Shoes – Slinky Stilettos – Black Leather from Maitreya

Phots taken at Blacklace

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