Things Have Changed

Hello all! I have given lazy a new definition, me! I had a horrible time coming up with an outfit last night and when I finally came around to something I was too tired to finish up. My intention was to get up early finish up and then be on my way to work. Enter me oversleeping and dashing to my city sponsored limo so that I was not terribly late to work! My dear Stacie just happened to have a post at the ready so you still get her adorableness for today. Today I am just doing some site housekeeping to let you all know what we are up to.

Many of you may have seen the weekend poll, it is still up if you haven’t been in to let us know what is up! We asked what you would like to see more of from Fashion Ascension, with a list of possible answers, and you could check as many as you wanted.  We heard that you would like us to do more skin reviews and give locations for Lucky Chairs. The remaining items came in pretty much evenly in votes, those being in order: clothing reviews, posts with more than one person, a tie for guest bloggers and event listings and there were 2 ‘other’ votes but we didn’t get what the other would be so those got tossed out, sorry! I have been trying to figure out how we can incorporate these. I know quite a few bloggers look at skin,s Gogolita does quite a bit, and speaking for myself I get far more requests to feature clothing and jewelry than I do skins, in fact I have only done two and one was pulled from my blog at the request of the skin creator. So that one may take some work but Stacie and I will see what we can do.

As for the Lucky Chairs, this was something Stacie and I had discussed just last week and were going to try and put it into effect. It’s difficult because they are all over and change often, so we will do what we can but will probably request some help from shoppers to lead us to good finds. Look for this to be a page within the next week.

Changes that we are excited about that we have already implemented has to do mostly with the ‘widgets’ on the sidebar of our blog.

  • Stacie and I both are part of a social blogging community started by the amazing Sasy Scarborough called Fashion Finds, you can link to our pages from the screen shots towards the bottom of the page. It is a no drama place for posting so it is a nice place to look around and see what’s about and learn about other bloggers.
  • We have also started up a calendar via Google™ that will be updated as we see things that may be of interest. We will include hunts, fashion shows, opening events, expos and such. Again if you have information that you would like to share with us, please let either of us know by messaging either of inworld or sending an email to either myself, at or to Stacie at We will then make sure to get it posted. This item is down at the very bottom of the sidebar with a link that will take you off to the calendar!
  • Have you heard about Metavirtual? This is a new feed that Kesseret Steeplechase, of KessKreations, has started. It is to be a one stop shop for many virtual grids. She currently has SL™ Fashion up and will be adding other areas, like Gridhop, Technical, Tutorials and more. It is also the plan to branch this out to other virtual worlds. Why am I telling you all this? Because Fashion Ascension will be posting directly to this new feed starting…TODAY! Typically we go through iheart to get to Fashion Planet as we have never been able to connect with the moderator there and be added. It is also a moderated feed so you can rest assured that it will be fashion related and sometimes that’s all we truly want. There is enough drama inworld, thought it can be entertaining! 

That is is from me today. I believe I am more excited about all this than Stacie, I am a huge dork when it comes to things like this. Thanks for stopping in and giving us hits and for your comments. Keep them coming, we LOVE hearing from you! :)

Stacie is EXTREMELY excited about the changes too! My bad!! Hahaha

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