Head of the Class

School is in session here at Fashion Ascension. I found a new to me place that has really cute cute stuffs and when all was said and done I had this sort of school girl feel. I remembered this great picture that Canimal Zephyr had taken and sure enough she gave the location so off I went to a phone store of all places to take some snappies.

I tried to bring out some new things, accessories and accent pieces from shops I have not been to or ones that I don’t frequent. I alluded to this yesterday, it took me a long time to put it together. But I am really happy with how it came out and I think it is a great look. I hung out with some fellow bloggers last night (Hi Elizabeth and Hallie!) and they both said it was cute and that could have been just being nice…but then I wouldn’t stalk their blog. :)

I started with the outfit. Purple is one of my favorite colors, I just don’t really wear it all that often. I love the jewel tone of this top, the highlighting in the chest is the thing that really gives it a shine and the flower like crest breaks up the overall so that it is not overwhelming. Note that the highlighting on the back seems to not be centered, perhaps it was me being crooked or something but it seemed to be a little bit right of center, this could have been some anomoly with my AO, I have told you all it is a tough AO for poses maybe my shirt doesn’t like it either. The white shirt and tie are part of it and I like the detail and layered look the shirt peeking out from under the sweater gives. The shorts though sold separately are to go with the top. Nothing particularly spectacular about them, the hand drawn striping is a bit sporadically placed in areas but it is almost endearing to the over all child-like look of the outfit. In all the outfit is fairly plain, no prim collar nor cuffs so accessories gave me that chance to really make it pop.

First I chose this long key chain necklace from Fuel. Also fitting to the theme cause I was a latchkey kid who wore a key around my neck when I was a tot so I wouldn’t lose it. This one however is bright and silvery and sparkly! I’m a sucker for sparkle! I went with huge star hoop earrings that are pricey but I offset that spendage because they are color change. I am also a sucker for customizable anything! The stars lend alot of fun as do my bracelets. Perhaps some of you were able to go to the Floyd panty hunt awhile back. There was so many goodies to be had. A few golden clams I was sure to pick up were from Fresh Baked Goods, the adorkable bangle on my right wrist is emblazoned with bra’s, one has to have a little humor in the classroom! The other bracelet I have is a cute charmer from Juicy. Pink, silver, and stiletto shoes, another layer of fun!

Now I have hemmed and hawed over the shoes at Urban Bomb Unit forever. I see them all over the feeds and I always think gosh they are just kick ass, but I have always put off getting them. NO MORE! I finally got them and and oh my golly Miss Molly!?! What is not to love about these? Nothing I tell you, nothing at all. They are sheer genius and I would be seriously fangirl all over creator Coke Dreadlow. Someone might want to warn Coke of that. Not that all this hasn’t been covered but you can customize everything on these, they even will fetch you a cocktail if you want them to…I joke, I kid. What they did for the over all is kicked my outfit into overdrive, in my book at least! Enough chalkborad scratching fo rone day, class dismissed…

Wearing ~

Earrings – Hoop star earring set to white from Creamshop
Lipring – Snake Bites from Elle (Store Closed)
Necklace – Heart felt key from Fuel
Top – Penal Top from CASHMERE

Bracelet –  (L) Charm Bracelet in silver & pink from Juicy (Gift) (R) Bra Bangle from Fresh Baked Goods (Exclusive hunt gift)
Shorts – Penal Shorts from CASHMERE
Socks – Mismatched old socks (rainbow purple) from Canimal
Shoes – PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops MultiColor v2 from Urban Bomb Unit

Photos taken at New Kids’

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