Blue Lightning

There are few situations in my real life that afford me customized goods. I can customize my burger or pizza, my car, and some times a bank will customize stuffs. But I surely could not drop into a store, beg the owner for something and have them snap to it. The following does not mean that the owner of this shop will readily drop everything to customize something for anyone who walks in, though he is extremely accommodating and an all around great guy, but it instead means that I was able to go about my post with his help and I’m giving him a little bit back!

I have been trying to come up with something that would incorporate this super snuggly grey wool coat from Lo Designs fall collection. And while surfing about blogs that link to blogs that link to blogs I saw a single picture that had some interesting elements that I liked. So off I went to my inventory and I tried a little of this and then a little of that and found that I could emulate the things I liked about that look she had and still make it my own. So my compliments to Seriam.

The coat comes with two styles of wearing, the option I have with a single skirt form that hides more in your body and only gives a slight flair and the other is a shorter jacket layer with a more pronounced flexi paneled skirt. Both are cute but the flexi would be good with longer leggings and I really wanted to wear capri pants. The capris I chose are some from Armidi with its dark and slightly worn look the jeans have great seams and fit. The do however posses one of my biggest pet peeves which is they took the jean texture to make the sculpted prim cuff. Not ever in all my years of wearing jeans, and they are my RL item of choice for just about everything, have I seen the inside of my jeans be the same color as the outside. They are always lighter and I love to see when a designer takes that realistic step in their created clothes that have a cuff. But they still were the color I wanted, the length desired and the leg prims modifiable, so that’s that.

The thing that caught my eye with Seriam’s look was the striped socks, tis fun I thought. And because I didn’t want to hide the socks I needed an ankle boot. I looked around at a few places and was just not in love with them. When it hit me, I bet my friend CCTV Giant, of Shoe Fly, will have just what I need. I sprinted over to the diva entrance, LOL, and begged of him some help. Blue ankle boots I exclaimed! Hmm he didn’t have what I needed but…being the fantastic guy he is he took this cute boot with decorative ankle chain and applied one of his textures to it and made it all pretty for me and hugs and pounces later I have shoes! These are some of his newer designs and it’s great to see how his talent and eye have progressed. I only had to do minor changes mostly because of my AO. They are are tall and sleek and BLUE! Thanks CC, you’re the best!

I accessorized with the gift on the table of blue at Maitreya. I did tint the little wrapped sculpted scarf a few shades darker and then carried the blue theme up to the beautiful lucky chair skin from La Syphide. The gorgeous sapphire eye makeup on the pale skin and the lush matte pink lips are the perfect compliment to the over all look. And since I have slathered my love on others in this here post I will go a bit further, Dove Swanson made all the poses that I used here. The aptly named Sugar is a solidly cute set of sit and stand poses. However Dove may be a few shades smaller than I am cause a few of the poses ate mah hands. None the less so cute! I think I officially own everything. End of a great week! Have a equally great weekend!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Black and White created by isa Haas (not sure of a shop location)
Scarf – Sculpted Scarf in blue from Maitreya (free gift)
Jacket – Coat wool gray from Lo Designs
Ring – Butterfly Ring from Cailyn’s (freebie)
Jeans – A001 Jean Capris[Regular Classic] Armidi Limited
Socks – Tintable Knee Socks (wide stripes) from Encore
Shoes – Blue Latex Ankle Boots from Shoe Fly

Photos taken at my home studio

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