Sister Twister

Kimberlee Mayo, my best gal pal, is the most patient person I know. I typically end up dragging her around, suggesting clothes, and posing her in a collaborative post. She does it all with a beautiful smiling face and saying she had a great time. So yesterday when she pops in and I was knee deep in trying to locate a backdrop for my post I grabbed her for some distraction. 

When your dearest and most beloved friend has little time to frolic around with you, you tend to try and make the most of it when she can. Today’s post started out with an outfit and the lack of a location to do some snaps but ended up in a gamers challenge. We ended up at Sugar Mill, Anicia Medici does make some of the great pal poses out there, and we saw this Twist Em pose with prop. Off we ran back to my skybox. Twist Em has one pose, and you can leave the mat out after the fact by simply clicking the pose balls to hide them. A few spins later and both of us being sufficiently limber and pretzeled we moved on to something a little more challenging. PACMAN!

I am pretty proud of my house. I have put alot of time and effort and fundage into making it a fun place for friends to come and hang out with me. I have this little loft that was the perfect size for the end all be all of the coolest pose prop I have laid my pixelated eyes on…my Tosche Station Atari 2600. This is a piece of technical and sculpted wizardry created by “Abbey Underall of Tosche Station™, script by Jorgen Friis, sarcasm by flopsie Mcardle” or Smersh! Kim and I sat down for a good hearted game but my game face came out and I must admit…I squashed her. She needs to spruce up her Pacman skillz let me tell ya! Sheesh.


I felt bad for trouncing all over poor Kim so I thought we better play another game. Something with intrigue, mystery and challenge…Rock, Paper, Scissors; OF COURSE!! It is a super easy to use 4 button Huddle that is FREE. My 3 favorite letters. You hit Challenge and it scans for another person’s HUD and then you pick your weapon. It is great fun and does the funniest animations for wins, loses and ties. And the price tag only sweetened the wins! First Kim Won, Then I won…then we tied. In all she smoked me!

Since this is a fashion blog I will tell ya what I am wearing and I will have to add an edit later with Kim’s outfit in case you need to have her cute hoodie. I received a Fashcon notice about a new shop opening called Concord Clothing and I saw the name Noelle Hawthorn. Funny too as I wore lip rings the other day from a shop called Elle that is now closed but Noelle was the creator behind that shop so I opened the notecard and saw she had made some cute items so I went for a closer look. Affordable and cute, nice color selections. I grabbed this knit hooded top that has a realistic sculpted front pocket. The top is cute the texture could be a bit darker as the color sort of eats a little bit of it up. I paired it up with another separate from Concord this sassy and short denim skirt. It also comes in a few colors I liked the brown so brown it was. The skirt prim was a snap to line up and move so that made me happy but it is on the daringly short side for me so I popped on some happy bright colored leggings from Twosome and comfy cozy boots that are a great freebie in Kumamoto Japan. I believe it was the outfit that truly helped me win out in our game day antics at the Janus/Mayo skybox.

Wearing ~

Sunglasses -Star Sunglasses in Red from  Decollage
Earrings – Gold Diamond Stud from miam miam
Top – Kallie Hoodie in green from Concord Clothing
Skirt – Jean Skirt in brown from Concord Clothing
Leggings – Polkadotted socks in orange from Twosome
Shoes – Sheepskin Boots in brown from Kumamoto Japan

Kim Wearing ~

Top – Best Friends Hoody from Fluky
Jeans – Regular Classic Capri from Armidi Limited
Shoes – AC Cheeries from Aphrodite Creations

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