Burning Life

Have you been to Burning Man? There are some amazing things created by talented people. I had seen an interesting build on MiaSnow Myriam’s Flickr photostream, it’s called Necormancer by Case Tomorrow. She used the ‘Missing Image’ picture and turned it into a piece of art. (Too bad I didn’t have Windlight so I could see it in all it’s glory) I had seen the pictures Mia took earlier in the day and when I put my outfit together it never came to mind, I was just putting pieces together. Then when it was time I remembered it. I have been happy and cheerfully putting outfits together for a few days now and decided I needed something a little edgier.

I had gotten a group notice from Sey and went to check it out. I have found that alot of what can be had at sey is either male or female but sometimes there is a unisex item that comes through. This shirt under all the normal protocol is a men’s shirt, it has a few straps that are intended for woman and that is a benefit to the owner who knows alot of women buy his skillfully created wares. This shirt has a serious 80’s feel to it in my eyes. It is a layered look with buckles and straps, grommets and safety pins. It is wonderfully sone and Risey Arai has a great handle on sculpted prims. Only trouble is that unless you hit them at their first release (many times items are reduced in price for a short time for loyal group members) you are gonna drop some serious coin. This shirt rings in at 350 bucks; a pretty set back for a shirt, albeit beautifully done.

Since there is so much visually going on with the shirt I wanted to keep the rest of the look simple and not too cluttered. I had a simple white pant that came in an an underpants layer so that I could wear knee high black boots from another great prim torturer, these boots come out of the Zero Number shop. I have alot of boots that I call favorites but I hunted all over Koenji  when I had first seen these boots. The shop was hidding in this little building upstairs completely hidden. I felt like I was on the quest for the Holy Grail and was not let down when I did find them. Beautiful detail in textures and overall look. They finished the outfit off perfectly. If you have yet to check out Burning Man it is an absolute must! Watch your prim attacments and your draw distance…and have a great time!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Planchette Earrings (Mystifying Oracle) from Pushbutton Industries
Choker – Leather collar from Sin
Top – T&border-T [purple] from :sey
Gloves – Biker Gloves Alpha from +plus
Pants – Pants, belted white (boots fit) from mon-key
Shoes – [0N] AM_LONG_Bb Boots Black

Photos taken at Burning Life exibit by Case Tomorrow, Necormancer

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