Immortal Beloved Bug


After months of tireless watching, monies spent on gifts, countless hours camped outside her store…my wait is over. My dearest and most beloved stalking victim has fallen to my repeated requests and has immortalized me in dragonfly form. (I just realized I’m a bug) Yes, Kesseret Steeplechase has created a stunning dragonfly necklace and named it after me, her el numero uno fan! The following will be my fangirl love for her and the goodies she has bestowed upon me!

I first came across Kess’s lovely works during a hunt back in March. That may not seem like that long ago but in relative virtual time it is eons! While in her store looking for the hidden hunt gifts I happened to get a lucky chair that was the beautiful Cotidiano bracelet I have on. I am a HUGE fan of pearls in real life and they looked so beautiful and real and it was also my first real experience with color change metals and I was thrilled to have won such a versatile gift. Thus started my somewhat obsessive collection of her jewelry and general stalking. I have featured her many times here and turned quite a few of my friends on to her shop. She is a dumpling of a gal and funny to the end!

I have been begging for awhile now for some lovely dragonfly jewelry, there is just not enough dragonfly beauty here for my liking. She told me that she would be creating some for the SL™ Jewelry Expo 2008 but specifically I had no idea what it was going to be. A few days ago she dropped the necklace on me, and my joy could have powered a small nation! A beautifully sculpted piece; you can customize the metal and the gemstones as you can with all her products. Specifically it’s a metal body, the abdomen is a sculpted pearl and the tail section is color changing gems finished with a diamond. The wings alternate color changing gemstone and tiny diamonds and the eyes are also diamonds. It sits jauntily on a white pearl necklace that can be manually resized. It is just beautiful and I am honored to have it named after me!  The Expo opens this Sunday the 5th and runs through the 11th. These are exclusive to the Expo so make sure and stop by and buy while you can! Now if you will kindly excuse me I need to go sent up camp, next mission…cocktail ring! Thanks Kess you are 1 in a million and I’m happy to call you a friend!

Wearing ~

Earrings & bracelet – Cotidiano White Simply Pearls from Kess Kreations
Necklace – White Pearl Cerrie Necklace from Kess Kreations
Dress -Torino Wrap Dress in driftwood from Novocaine
Stockings -FF (8straps) in coca20 from No.9 Nylons
Shoes – Rosette (Exclusive color group gift) from Aphrodite Creations

Photos taken at my home studio

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